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One CRA(Credit Reporting Agency) change affecting other two?

Two questions please. 1. If I disputed and achieved removal or change (to my benefit) of an account(s) by one CRA, do the other two CRA's have to remove or change same accounts also? If so, do I just need to show proof to the two CRA's from the CRA that made the changes? 2. Two CRA's show a judgment in their public records section but one CRA shows none. Can I somehow use this to convince the other 2 to remove it?

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    No-All 3 CRA's have a dispute process that you must follow. If you want to get rid of items on the other 2 that were removed on one, file a dispute with each of them. Hopefully they will find the same information that got you off of the first one. Sometimes info can't be verified within a timely manner and people get negative info removed that way, as it has to be removed if it can't be verified. The dispute process with another CRA may validate the info. So, unless it an obvious case of identity fraud it's somewhat of a crapshoot as to which ones will remove info and which ones won't. As for the second question the answer is also no. In fact it's quite common for companies to only report to one or two CRA's. Just because one has it listed and another doesn't, won't mean you can convince the other CRA's to remove the information.

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