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Can you help me with my art project idea with your opinion?

I would like to make something that has many boxes or anything that you can think about that you can open, but it can open only one of these boxes at a time. (It can also be made of envelopeds that you can open, or drawers. It just should not be possible to open two at the same time).

I want to represent each box with a pleasure in life (and I will think about that, don't bother), and together they show that our society is oriented toward enjoying these pleasures because a life after death is improbable.

I just would like to know how to assemble such a mechanism. (with paper, or plastic pieces, or whatever you can think about)

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    Do you know what would be cool but hard, BUT very original.... Origami Paper cranes...the purpose of origami creations is that the shape creation is a way of adding special meaning to what the paper held on it or in it.

    If you could create a very large scale paper crane and inside the crane, place the representation of a pleasure in life, then place a smaller crane in it and so forth until you reach a tiny single paper crane.. It would look very cool if you could pull it off.

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    Something a bit more orginal could be just drawing a single swan in a lake...the swan in the bottom right corner and the lake spreading across the rest of the page, you could get a really beautiful angle on the swan. Good luck with it! =]

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