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what happens if you cut off your cats whiskers?

just wondering.

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    Animals use their whiskers for balance. It's cruel to do that to an animal. It throws off thier equalibrium as well.

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    Cutting Cat Whiskers

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    Cat Without Whiskers

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    Never, never cut a cat's whiskers. The rule function for the whiskers is this ... the length of the whiskers is as long as the widest width of the cat. They are able to feel their way around with their whiskers as far as where they can and can not fit into. Ask a vet, they will tell you the same thing. NEVER cut their whiskers. Would you like it if someone cut off your ears because they were bugging you????

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    You should never trim a cats whiskers.

    Also known as "tactile hairs" or vibrissae, whiskers are the long, thick, flexible hairs on a cat's face. These hairs are located in horizontal rows on the whisker pad, the puffy area between the top corners of your cat's mouth and the outer edges of his nose. Whiskers, like hair and nails, do fall out and are replaced. But whiskers are different from the cat's body hair in a few ways:

    Whiskers should never be cut or trimmed

    Whiskers are two to three times thicker than the cat's hair.

    Whiskers are rooted very deep in the cat's face, in an area rich in nerves and blood vessels

    .In addition to having the long tactile hairs on their cheeks, cats also have shorter ones above their eyebrows, on their chin and on the back of their front legs. Since we are most familiar with facial whiskers, let's look at what they are good for:


    Mood indication

    Measuring an opening

    Whiskers help the cat feel his way around. Whiskers are so sensitive that they can detect the slightest directional change in a breeze. At night, for example, this helps a cat slink its way through a room and not bump into anything. How? The air currents in the room change depending on where pieces of furniture are located. As the cat walks through the room and approaches the couch, he'll know which direction to turn based on the change in air current around the couch.

    In addition to having sensory properties, a cat's whiskers are also a good indicator of his mood. When a cat is angry or feels defensive, the whiskers will be pulled back. Otherwise, when the cat is happy, curious or content, the whiskers will be more relaxed and pushed forward.

    But the whisker's primary use is to help a cat judge whether or not he'll fit through an opening. A cat's whiskers are roughly as wide as his body -- sort of a natural ruler. The whisker tips are sensitive to pressure. You'll probably see a cat stick his head in and out of an opening before he puts his body in. He's judging the width of the opening, and is determining if he can fit into it. An interesting note: cats don't have a true collar bone, like humans. This allows them to turn and twist their way through very narrow openings

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    Sphynx cat often don't have whiskers. They are completely fine but they are born without whiskers. I have no idea what would happen if you cut off the whiskers of a cat that is used to having whiskers. It won't cause pain, but it might cause some sensory disabilities?

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    NEVER, EVER, EVER,EVER DO THAT!!! Whiskers are a cat's balance. It they didn't have them, they wouldn't hardly be able to walk. Plus, their whiskers serve as a guideline as to how narrow a space a cat can fix through (e.x., a space behind a refridgerator, bookshelf, ect;).. So basically, cats would be lost without their whiskers.

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    A cat's whiskers are like "feelers". Basically, they tell a cat what is around them. They help with navigation and can tell a cat if an opening is wide enough for them to enter. A cat will not enter an opening if theirs whiskers "tell" them that it is too small for their body to fit.

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    Well, whiskers are basically what a cat uses to navigate, so you would have a very dizzy cat who would stumble into things. Never touch their whiskers.

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    Some people think that there are nerve endings in whiskers, but they are just really long hairs. I had a cat who jumped on the stove when I was cooking. Before I could get her off the stove, she sniffed, got too hot and jumped off. I turned off the burner and ran to her. Her whiskers were burnt so they were only about an inch long. Nothing else was hurt (she never jumped on a stove again, though!) She did not have any trouble motoring around. I think they use them when they are walking around in low light. The whiskers only grow about as long as a cat is wide.

    I would not recommend trimming your cat's whiskers, though. People will talk and the cat might bite you.

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    The whiskers are meant for animals to tell if they can fit into a tight space or not. If you were to cut off the whiskers of your cat... He/she wouldn't know if they could use a cat door, or they'd probably try to fit into a space you know they couldn't fit in to. They basically lose their balance.

    <(^^<) Zippy

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