Briefly explain how conservatives are different than liberals.?

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    Conservatives want you to learn how to fish so that you can take care of yourself. Liberals want you to depend on them to give you a fish so that you rely on them to take care of you and have to keep coming back to them if you want more fish.

    Conservatives are anti abortion and pro-death penalty. Liberals are pro abortion and want to abolish the death penalty. (Now think about that, kill the babies and let the killers live? Does that make any kind of sense?)

    Conservatives want you to take responsibility for your own actions and take care of yourself. Liberals want to blame everyone else but themselves and want the government to take care of them.

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    Show me someone who is a complete liberal or a complete conservative on every issue or believes they are, and I will show you a complete liar. Everyone has either some liberal or some conservative tendencies, because everything is not as black and white as some would believe

    Source(s): All this arguing over non-issues is childish and silly without the humor (unless you find eight grade jokes and insults humorous).
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    Conservatives have morals. I could go on, but you said briefly.

    : ) Ask me if you want more details.

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    Liberals believe in government, Conservatives believe in liberty.

    Government : from the root word "govern", meaning to control, manage, restrict, restrain.

    Government, by definition, is the opposite of liberty, that is why it must be kept to a minimum. Every expansion of government is a loss of liberty.

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  • Viv
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    1 decade ago

    Conservatives, technically, are people who favor a conservative point of view on social issues. They typically are pro-life, pro-capital punishment (don't ask me how that works), "pro-marriage" (against gay marriage), pro-gun, etc. Also, you generally associate conservatives with republicans, who favor a pro-business, low-tax point of view.

    Liberals are the opposite of conservatives on social issues: pro-choice, against death penalty (again, don't ask me how that works), okay with gay marriage or at least civil unions, pro-gun control, etc. You associate them with democrats, who favor more of a pro-individual, pro-government programs view.

    But liberalism and conservatism have little (in theory) to do with more political issues.

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    Liberals: believe government is better able to solve problems because of collective power.

    Conservatives: believe individuals, motivated by conscience or profit are better able to solve problems through individual efforts en masse.

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    Conservatives wish to adhere to the systems of governance and personal liberty and Rights outlined in our nation's founding documents.

    Liberals consider those systems 'anachronistic', old-fashioned, and want change, change, change. They think change is good for the sake of change. They are easily led by Socialists into giving up our protections and Rights.

    Lenin called America's liberals his 'useful idiots', tools of Leftist takeover. No kidding.

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    Liberals want the government to take your money so it can spend it on things the Liberals KNOW will make you and other people happy. If that doesn't happen to make you happy--and you're all out of money--too bad!

    Conservatives want the government let you to keep your money so you can spend it on what you think will make you happy. If that doesn't happen to make you happy--and you're all out of money--too bad!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Liberals believe in personal privacy and business regulations (min wage, work place safety, overtime)

    Conservative believe in unregulated business and limiting personal rights for security (wiretapping, warrantless searches, property seizures, torture)

  • 1 decade ago

    Liberals are mostly educated people who believe in Freedom

    Conservatives are mostly people who live in rural backwater areas. They burn books like Harry Potter, start organizations like the Klan and hold protests at funerals(Fred Phelps)

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