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who is your all time favorite football player that has made it into the hall of fame??

i dont know who i like maybe you could choose it for me? ill pick the best ansewer but you have to give at least 3 stats and why. Good Luck!

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    Walter Payton.

    Here is a man who played with some of the worst linemen ever, yet threw more TDs than any non-QB in History, held the career rushing title, and the TD title. He never complained about his teammates, his contract or his role. He played every play with the heart of a lion, and punished defenders more than they punished him. He had speed, strength, endurance and one of the best stiffarms ever. He had an incredible vertical leap, and dove piles like superman. He vaulted, hurdled and befuddled defenders in ways nobody had seen before, or matched since. He was a true, all-around athlete, and a great humanitarian on top of it.

    The 4th pick of the 1975 draft, from small Jackson State, by the Chicago Bears

    16,726 yards rushing

    21,803 total yards

    4.4 yrds per carry

    110 Touchdowns Rushing

    125 TDs total

    Held or holds NFL records for career rushing yards, career combined yardage, career attempts, 100 yard games, rushing yards in a single game, years with 1000 rushing yards or more, TD passes by a non-QB, combined attempts, consecutive starts by a RB, rushing TDs and total TDs.

    Here are a couple of film clips of Payton running amuck:


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    Youtube thumbnail

    His most memorable game was in 1977 when he battled the flu and the Vikings to rush for 275 yards.

    Walter served the Chicago Bears for 13 seasons from 1975 to 1987, reaching the pro-bowl 9 time, being named to the all-pro team 9 times, recieving the NFL MVP in 1977, the Pro Bowl MVP, and NFC MVP twice. He missed 1 game in 13 seasons, serving as the Bears RB, and on several occations serving as the emergency punter and the emergency QB. He also had 492 receptions in his career and was twice the Bears leading receiver as well as being known as a vicious blocker.

    He also held the college scoring record and finished 4th for the Heisman Trophy, even though he attended a small, all black college, all while rushing for over 3500 yards and 6.1 yards a carry. Many experts opined that had Walter attended a large college, he would have won the Heisman.

    His jersey was retired by the Bears and Walter Payton was inducted into he Hall of Fame in 1993 (his first year of eligibility). Many who have come after him, including Ladanlien Tomlinson, credit Payton as their inspiration and mentor. Emmitt Smith cried as he payed homage to Payton when he broke Walter's career rushing mark.

    On November 1, 1999, Walter Payton fell to complications from a rare liver disease. Walter had already been known for his efforts to spread awareness about organ donation, and after his death, the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation was organized to continue his work. Walter and, later, his foundation are widely credited with bringing this issue to light nationally. The organization continues many of Walters works, such as providing Christmas presents to Chicago children and the Walter Payton Cancer Fund,

    May he rest in peace.

    Walter "Sweetness" Payton - 1954 to 1999

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    Walter Payton.was the all time leading rusher.won Sb. 20.in 85.and the only non packer in the green bay hall of fame.considered to be the best all round player by Meany.he all so ran for 250 plus yards setting at that time a NFL record in a game. he all so had the flew when he did it . against the Vikings.he could play QB all so and did in one game.a great man on and off the field.

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    its hard to go against Walter Peyton, but the most entertaining player of all time is Barry Sanders. he was the only reason to look forward to thanksgiving, that and dry turkey. even with him being out of the game for 5-6 years now, if he came back he would be better than 85% of the starting rb's in the league. i don't have any stats now, but NFL Films has hours of compeling reasons

    Source(s): by the way i can't stand when someone cut and paste's a disertation to answer a question.
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    Favorite Basketball player of all time: Wilt Chamberlain Favorite basketball player now: Kevin Garnett

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    Eric Dickerson

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    #58, Jack Lambert. The most intimidating MLB to ever play the game.

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    current fav: tom brady, he is an awesome QB im not even bostonian and i think hes the bomb, he has a great arm and wen he beams it he usually throws it the right distance,with the exception of the superbowl(almost every throw he did sucked) he is awesome

    he is excused from superbowl cuz of his ankle

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    jim kelly

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