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What Are The 3A And 4F Military Classifications?

What do the 3A and 4F military classifications stand for, and what is the criteria that a person has to meet in order to be classified under these two. Also, what are other classifications that the military uses to categorize potential inductees. Thank you!

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    They were used when we had the draft. Class 3A meant you had some medical defects which disqualified you for full active service, including deployment to combat theaters, but you could fulfill some duties in uniform in the U.S. during war. Things like guarding fuel depots and the like. Class 4F meant you had one or more medical conditions which totally disqualified you from serving in uniform.

    Those who were found medical qualified for duty in all respects were Class 1-A. Those who were qualified but had a student deferment were Class 2-S.

    The medical standards can be found in the source below. Study Chapter Two.

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    Selective Service Classification

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    4f Military

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    There are no 3a and 4F clasifications any longer.

    Those old classifications went away,

    When the Selective Service System was put in place in the 1980's.

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    what medical conditions would require a 4-F?

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