The words to Emerson ,Lake and Palmers song Closer to Believing?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am closer to believing

    Than I ever was before

    On the crest of this elation

    Must I crash upon the shore

    And with the driftwood of acquaintance

    Light the fire to love once more

    I am wind blown...i am times.

    To be closer to believing

    To be just a breath away

    On the death of inspiration

    I would buy back yesterday

    But theres no crueller illusion

    Theres no sharper coin to pay

    As I reach out... it slips away

    From the opium of custom

    To the ledges of extremes

    Dont believe it till youve held it

    Life is seldom what it seems

    But lay your heart upon the table

    And in the shuffling of dreams

    Remember who on earth you are

    I need me

    You need you

    We want us

    But of course you know I love you

    Or what else am I here for

    Only you not face to face

    But side by side for evermore

    And I need to be here with you

    For without you what am i

    Just another fool out searching

    For some heaven in the sky

    Take me closer to believing

    Take me forward lead me on

    Through collision and confusion

    While theres life beneath the sun

    You are the reason I continue

    So near for so long

    So close yet so far away

    I need me

    You need you

    We want us to live forever

    So dont let the curtain fall

    Measure after measure

    Of writing on the wall

    That burns so brightly

    It blinds us all

    I need me

    You need you

    We want us to be together

    On sundays in the rain

    Closer than forever

    Against or with the grain

    To ride the storms of love again

    So be closer to believing

    Though your world is torn apart

    For a moment changes all things

    And to end is but to start

    And if your journeys unrewarded

    May your God lift up your heart

    You are windblown

    But you are mine

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