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im asking again in another category,please help me decide on a webcam.?

i want to buy a web cam but not regreat my purchase later.i seen one that was 39.99 and captures 640 x 480 video up to 30 frames per second,also captures 640x 480 digital stills.the still pictures really dont matter cause i have an 8 m.p. camera. i want one that the video is really clear and doesnt look grainey or slow motioned ive seen some that when you move your hand it takes a couple of seconds for it to show on the computer and it just looks wierd. please tell me the numbers of video resalution i need to know, how much if you know , if you think the one i mentioned is ok or what. if you have one in mind let me know the brand name i also want one that i can talk into insted of typing my conversation.also what is universal monitor clip? thats what the one says that i mentioned. i have windows xp and have about 7 hundred or so ram in my computer. please no dorky answers im serious about this purchase.

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    y otra ves no te ban a contestar gggggg

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