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WWE sign ideas?

Ok i'm goin to a SD!/ECW house show and i need some ideas for a sign. thanx

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    Here r some diva signs:

    -"We came 2 see Kelly!"

    -"Bang me Ashley!"

    -"I heart Ashley"

    -"2 time playboy cover girl Torrie Wilson!"

    -"Maria rox!"

    -"Maria for president!"

    -"Beth sux!"

    -"play tennis with me Michelle!"

    -"Eve:I heart Italy!"

    -"Kelly beat Layla!"

    -"Kelly give ME a lapdance!"

    -"Come back Candice!"

    -Candice-defining beauty!"

    -"Go Daddy!"

    -"Mickie new champion! 1....2....3!"

    -"Mickie luvs Trish!"

    -"Victoria is CRAZY!"

    -"Lena is a man!"

    -"Maryse: I want to go to France!"

    -"She's my Cherry Pie!"

    -"I'm enough for u Michelle!"

    -"Come Back Torrie!"

    -"Melina do a split on ME!"

    -"We came for the Divas!"

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    if your going to a house show make it a funny one. When wwe had a house show here in AZ i made a sign when CHYNA was wrestling saying 8TH wonder of the world i wonder if its a man or woman. and a you suck sign. The wrestlers will talk crap to you its just a far funner show to go to

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    IF Edge wins the World Heavyweight Championship we riot. That's definite to get you on tv. Whenever you watch SD or RAW when someone writes that they always get shown on tv.

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    Rated R for Retard

    The Guy Behind Me Can't See

    Don't Be Scared, Be Terrified!

    We've CENA Nuff!

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    My best sign was Bring back Midget wrestling. But, WWE security took it. Just make one involving the letter RKO.

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    Draw one of the Undertaker's Cross Symbols. I think they look cool. And it might get you on TV.

    Source(s): ~KING KENNEDY~
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    Rated R retard

    Bring on the DIVAS!

    I'm here for kelly kelly.

  • here's one:

    put the E back into CW (crappy wrestling)

  • matt hardy is the us champ

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    HBK rules!

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