My 1&1/2 year old ate a part of her crayon!!!?

She received some no name crayons in her easter basket this year and today I was letting her color with them. On the label it says conforms to ASTM D4236. I went to a site that says it isnt non toxic. So now im worried because she bit off and ate the tip of the crayon. Does anyone know what can happen? Should I be worried. The label only says crayons, 8 colors and the conforms thing.

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    ASTM D4236 specifically means that the product has been tested by a toxicologist and any known toxic agents are listed on the label.

    If the label shows no toxic agents, then there is nothing in the crayons that is known as harmful (with the remote possibility of containing something that noone knows about yet)

    As already stated above, the primary constituent of most crayons is wax, and they are mostly harmless, even to infants.

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    My son will do ANYTHING to be left alone for two seconds with a crayon!! I'm pretty sure most kids eat crayon at some point and she only ate the tip so I'm sure she'll be fine. If you rae still worried call the doctor for some advice.

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    It'll be fine. They're non-toxic, made mostly of wax, and won't hurt her a bit. If she would have eaten a few whole crayons, then you would need to worry about constipation. But she'll be just fine. Don't be shocked if a little comes out in her diaper.

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    Get more age appropriate crayons--bigger with no fine point ot bite off. If your daughter is coloring nicely at age 1½, then I would suggest water painting! Wax candy without the sugar!

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    LOL, kids... she'll be fine. Yes, crayons are non toxic. They are just wax, remember? We eat wax on all kinds of things (they coat apples with it). I believe that her stomach acids should be enough to dissolve the wax, but if not, it will pass through her system without any problems. Promise:)

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    I wouldn't be worried about it. But if you need a piece of mind call your doctor or even see if you can find a nurse hotline for your area. Shoot, you can even call poison control too. I'll be the first to admit my son has drank and eatten some pretty odd things and he is just fine.

    Remember to breathe, it'll be okay.

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    It's fine. Give her some apple juice and let her poop.

    When my sister was 3 she saw everyone licking the frosting off the candels on her birthday cake. So she took hers and ate the WHOLE thing!!! Lol. Even the little sting that catches on fire! She was fine. I gave her apple juice and than she pooped it out. Poop! Everything ends with poop!

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    Call your Poison Control Center. Tell them the conforms number and they can tell you what to do! Good luck and she should be just fine.

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    Well if it is non toixc nothin bad can u dont have nothin to worrie about as long as the crayons are non toxic!!

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