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Does news (on Israel's plan to nuke Iran) and people like this scare you?

Update 3:

"americanfreeman": So asking about what's on the mainstream news makes me an anti-Semite?

Update 4:

But what about crazy people like this who keep insisting on nuclear war with Iran (second link above)?

"Limiting Collateral Damage in a Nuclear War With Iran

by Shmuel Ben-Yehoshua

There is no moral dilemma here.

It is unfortunate that I have to begin this article with the jolt of such a knuckle-whitening title, but I'm deadly serious. Some people who think support for Israel amounts to camping out need to be shaken out of their complacency. In the past, I have called for the use of the neutron bomb on Iran ("Time to Neutron Iran"); and, failing that, use of the hydrogen bomb on Tehran ("Is a Hydrogen Bomb on Tehran Any Better?"), since Iran is so

Just a handful of neutron bombs will be sufficient.

centralized that it is essentially a "one-bomb" country if Tehran is nuked."

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    Israel probably does have plans for every situation imaginable just as every other country does as well. How scared do you think you'd be of Irans plans for nuking Israel?

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    The headlines are misleading (as always) trying to make more noise than the actual text.

    No-one said Israel will nuke Iran. It was said that Israel is planning on striking Iran's nuclear facilities.

    I wouldn't call "Arutz Sheva" ("israel national news"? give me a break) a credible source for anything, maybe with the exception of Shabat Beginning/ending times.

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    Israel has done this b4 but just with regular bombs or so I was lead to believe.

    I agree with the plan.

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    I imagine that Israel has plans concerning every enemy they have. It would be shortsighted of them not to. After all the Israelis know people are out to get them, you won't find them pretending the problem isn't there like our last president did.

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    Fake - bogus headlines

    Sounds like someone is pretty racist and anti-Jew.

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    no...we're in different continent so

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    No, they make me feel safer.

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