Vet problem. Sarcoptic mange Help?

So took my puppy to the vet yesterday for persistant itching and loss of hair. I was worried and very scared for her. See she was a rescue dog from a kennel, so we don't know what she has previously been in contact with. Well to our surprise she had Sarcoptic mange or Scabies. Luckily my husband nor I have this, but I was really upset. The vet looked at me like I was a diseased person, she had the vet tech and some of the receptionist look at it. I kept hearing things like, ew thats gross, etc. I thought it was very very VERY unprofessional. Also the vet treated my dog like she was diseased and disgust. As I have been doing research on it, it seems it isn't an uncommon thing and she could have gotten it from anywhere.

My question is would you continue taking your animal to this vet or would you have take her somewheres else? Also ha anyone else dealt with Sarcoptic mange, because she was treated last night and is still itching, I have heard you can give them Benydryl for the itching


Yes they did a skin scraping, thats what they were looking at under the microscope.

Update 2:

Well am not 100% sure what kind of mange it is, all that stupid woman told em was she has scabies. Gave me a lyme sulfer dip, and some clavamox and sent me on my way. She didn't explain **** to me. So I looked around on the internet to see what she looked like more. Just a guess. But she lost hair on the tip of her ears and has some scabs on her belly and back legs.

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    I would find a new vet. I diagnosed sarcoptic mange twice in the last month. I did not or hope I did not make the client feel that they had caused the problem or that they or their pet was dirty. Sarcoptic mange mites can be really difficult to find and I was happy to have found the source of the problem Sarcoptic mange is very treatable and the itching should stop soon. Sarcoptes can be picked up at a kennel, groomer, etc. You should treat all the dogs in the household. Legally I can't tell you to give your dog benydryl because I am a vet . I can suggest a soothing bath like with an oatmeal based dog shampoo. There other ways of treating sarcoptes than oral ivermectin. We use Revolution with great success. The oral ivermectins may be effective but some dogs object to the taste. In response to one of the other post I find it far easier to effectively treat sarcoptic mange than demodectic mange.

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    I would definetely find another vet. Sarcoptic mange is very common. Benedryl is good for the itch. Dosage is 1mg per pound of body weight, every 6 hours.

    Here's an informative article that tells about the different treatment options, causes etc.

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    Uh take your dog to ANOTHER Vet who knows what they're doing and will RESPECT their clients!

    That is VERY unprofessional.

    Did they do a SKIN SCRAPING to determine it is in fact Sarcoptic mange?

    Sarcoptic mange is transmittable to other dogs and people.

    Sarcoptic is much more serious than Demodectic mange, and you would have a very scabby, possibly even puss-y dog.

    Source(s): Edit: It will get worse before it gets better. You won't see results over night. Benadryl will not TREAT this. Your dog needs medication, and possibly a DIP. "TREATMENT While sarcoptic mange is difficult to diagnose definitively, it is fairly easy to treat and a number of choices are available. DIPPING - Anti-bacterial or anti-itch shampoos preceed one of several anti-mite dips. Paramite dip (an organophosphate), Mitaban dip (Amitraz), and Lime-Sulfur dips given weekly are usually effective. Disease typically resolves within one month. Dips are often used in combination with one of the other treatments listed below. IVERMECTIN - This is one of the most effective treatments against Sarcoptes scabei yet is is off-label as far as the FDA is concerned. There are several protocols due to the very long activity of this drug in the body. Typically an injection is given either weekly or every two weeks in 1-4 doses. In most cases this treatment is safe and effective but some individuals have a mutation which makes ivermectin very toxic at the doses used to kill mites. These individuals are usually of the Collie family: Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Australian Shepherds are classically affected. There is now a test that can determine if any dog has the mutation that makes ivermectin use dangerous. "
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    Never heard of such a thing, mange is not that uncommon, and that vet is a completely unprofessional fool.

    Get a new vet - mange can be treated and eradicated - just get a decent vet and follow directions.

    Benadryl can help with itching, yes, but the mange has to be dealt with and completely cured.

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    Mange-sarcoptic and demodex-is not uncommon. Sarcoptic is harder to cure as well as harder on the dog.. I may take several weeks or months of treatments to get it under control. The dog will need a high quality,well balanced diet as well as a stress free environment in order for its immune system to get back in balance. A healthy immune system is the key to managing any mange. I wouldn't have been pleased with the vets reaction either.

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    Get a new vet this is unprofessional, when I was at my new vets office I heard some of the office staff talking poorly about a man right there in front of me so far I have only heard office employees talk like that but if I hear it again they will hear about it.

    I didn't like the whole not telling me any details at my old vet kind of like I am an idiot or worse yet they may not want me to do my own research on what they are telling me. My new vet does answer my questions and I have started asking a lot sometimes I go with a note pad so I don't forget. Can't wait until they hear me ask to test my dog for immunity instead of vaccinating her every year. That is essentially what the office staff was complaining about although I don't know if he wanted the dog tested

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    I would get a new vet. That's unprofessional and juvenile. She's never seen mange before??

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    Shame on them for behaving like middle schoolers. I would find another vet. You can give benadryl, just do a search for the dosage online. Mange is very common and very treatable.

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    I would get another vet. Any place that unprofessional or who looks down on you (especially when you just rescued an animal! Yeesh!) isn't worth your time. Find a vet who will take care of your dog and not cast judgment on you.

  • listen to PIT BULL. last week i rescued a pit x puppy off the street. she has Red Mange. the other kind Pit refers to (Dermodex?). it's not transmittable. i have 5 other dogs so my vet took particular care to be sure of her diagnosis. with Pit Bulls advice on food, and meds from the vet, Hope is healing nicely. she is itchy, but the vet assures me it's her skin healing and told me to give her benadryll.

    i would definately get another vet. have you contacted the shelter where you got her? they may have dogs in need of medical treatment too. and she should have had a clean bill of health before you brought her home.

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