What are some good graphic novels/books/comic books on Vampires.?

I am trying to get a friend a nice birthday present and I love graphic novels and she loves vampires so I want to get her a graphic novel with vampires in it. I know a few but im not into vampire just was wondering if any of you have some suggestions. Thanks

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    Vampire Knight(manga)

    It is soo good!!! There are 4 volumes out now to buy but you can read way more online.

    Vampire Hunter D(book/manga)

    There is a series of novelsout but recently it came in a manga form. I never have read it but one of my friends say that it is amazing.

    Trinity Blood(manga)

    I never have read the manga but i have seen the anime and it is a really good story. But books always turn out better than the show or movie so it might be good!

    30 Days of Night(graphic novel)

    I saw that there were 8 volumes out so far. I never have read these so I'm not too sure about them but they are graphic novels about vampires.

    Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures(graphic novel)

    This is the first volume. There is a second one out but i don't remember what the title was. I never read the graphic novel but Laurell K. Hamilton's books are amazing. The books are about vampires and all that supernatural stuff. The first book is guilty pleasures. Seriously pick this up for her.

    Black Dagger Brotherhood Series(book)

    This series is sooo good! haha It is a romance type novel though. I'm not to sure if she likes them or not but they are sooo good! =) The first one is Dark Lover.

    Twilight Series(book)

    There are 4 books but there is only 3 out right now. The fourth is to be released August 2nd. These are teen books but they are soo good. They are my favorite books. I work in a book store and so many people come in looking for that book no matter the age. PICK IT UP! haha The first one is Twilight.

    Bloodsucking Fiends(book)

    I'm still in the process of reading this book and it is hilarious. It isn't really a serious book bout vampires, well at least not yet. But it is pretty good so far.

    City of Bones and City of Ashes(books)

    These are so damn good. Again they are in the teen section but they sell mighty fast. Not entirely about vampires but there is a huge amount of fantasy in these books. These are the first two in a series i'm not to sure when the third is to be released. Give these a read, very good.

    I know so many others as well but most are romance type novels. Well I hope that I helped you some!! ^_^

    Happy Shopping!! XD

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    I am Legend, the book is based on vampires unlike the movie, there is a graphic novel of it

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    Awww i was gonna say Vampire KNights too D:

  • Anonymous
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    vampire knights....

    i'm in love with it... it's sweet

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