Where can I buy non-shiny paint that I can use on metal, in Metro Manila?

national and ace hardware are very limited...and I only need a little...like a pint

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    You can find it in your local hardwares nearest you. Just be specific on what type of paint you want.

    Check what type of metal object you're painting, how it will be used and in what environment it will reside. To make the right choice, you'll need to understand these terms:

    Acrylic: A component of paint rather than a type of paint, acrylic is a synthetic polymer resin that is used as a binder and forms a hard, durable, plasticlike coating.

    Alkyd: Also referred to as “oil-base,” this type of paint is one of the best choices for use on exterior metal surfaces.

    Latex: Perhaps the most common type of paint, latex is a water-base paint that can yield good results on metal surfaces, but because it dries to a porous finish (which can allow moisture to penetrate to the metal surface), it should only be used over primer.

    Lacquer: its solvents are toxic, traditional lacquer paint is still used today available in spray cans for small-scale home projects and auto-body repairs.

    Enamel: This generally refers to a hard, durable, high-gloss paint that holds up well in harsh environments. Although the term enamel is traditionally used to describe oil-base products, latex enamels are now available, and easy-to-use spray enamels are commonly found in hardware stores.

    Urethane: These paints are usually solvent-base, although some waterborne urethanes are also available.

    Epoxies: A two-part system consisting of a resin and a hardener, epoxy is exceptionally durable and resists environmental degradation. Epoxy finishes are ideal for any metal surfaces that are exposed to harsh conditions.

    Source(s): handymanclub.com
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    check out ace hardware or handyman. They have shops in malls and have a relatively complete line of paints there. In all sizes.

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    you can check the hardware stores in rizal avenue... did you try handyman, sm hardware section?

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