why are they trying to scare us with HPV?

isn't it an std that you can only get through sex? if my boyfriend and i are monogamous and both get tested prior to having sex why should i worry about HPV?

a friend of mine got it (she's very promiscuous) and she keeps trying to push me to get it. she's starting to really annoy me!


oh and i need VALID reasons as to why i should get it. i'm 26 and i have only had 2 partners in my entire life. both of which got tested before having intercourse with me, and both of whom i was/am in a monogamous relationship with.

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    Yes, IF you marry this dude and no one EVER cheats. But still, why not protect yourself? Get the vaccine so you are totally safe. I hope your boyfriend is always faithful but you never know, things happen. This vaccination is supposed to be given before the age of 25 years, I think. I do not know of a test for HPV for men anyway at this time. It is very very contageous and running rampid. My step-daughter was not promiscuous and she found out she had HPV after she was married. Who really knows where her husband got it? And it doesn't matter they have a good marriage. Anyway, he has no symptoms but she has had to have surgery. I wish we would have known about this vaccine or it would have been available when she was younger. I would have made sure she got the vaccine when she was in my care as a teenager. Then, she would not have ever had to suffer. She has a daughter and will make sure she is vaccinated. The vaccination is a blessing and only provides protection. Be thankful it is available and get it.

    OK Valid Answer - here is a copy of an article and if you are 26 you can still get it:

    Human papillomavirus, a disease that causes 70 percent of cervical cancer cases and 90 percent of genital warts cases, is most common for people in their late teens and early twenties, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web site.

    "If I were a 26-year-old who had never had intercourse or had never been exposed to the virus, I'd get the vaccine," said Dr. Roger Yandell in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. "It definitely has more impact on younger girls, though. The cervix changes during menarche, a girl's first period. That's when it's most susceptible to the virus, so we try to start the vaccine just before that takes place."

    The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices consists of 15 experts - selected by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - who provide advice and guidance to the CDC. The committee recommends women through age 26 years old receive catch-up vaccinations, according to the CDC Web site.

    "You have to look at what we're trying to treat," Yandell said. "Cervical cancer is really what we're talking about here, and on a lesser scale, genital warts. This is the most common disease for causing either of those."

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    you are SOOOOO overreacting. slap yourself now and get a grip, just kidding. do some more research on medical sites, not asking peoples opinions on yahoo. but really, hpv is not a big deal as you are making it, everyone gets it sooner or later. of course, you can have a normal pap with hpv that is usually how it goes. wow, all this hysteria over a little virus that everyone has just kills me. everything was fine with sex a few years ago, but now that we can actually test for the virus, everyone is freaking out. get a grip, this is not the end of the world or even close to it. save your hysteria for the important things in life. just get a pap and hpv test every year or 6 months or whatever the doc recommends. PS, if your bf is not a virgin, he probably already has hpv. PSS if you smoke, you should quit, cigarettes help the hpv grow

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    Drug companies are trying to push people into getting the vaccine so they can make a profit. I personally think it's a big waste of money because it only covers a few varieties (6, 11, 16 and 18), not all of them. True, those are SOME of the types that can cause cervical cancer, but why not as many as possible, including the one's known to cause genital warts? The vaccine won't do you a whole lot of good if you end up getting the other types that aren't covered.

    Plus, the vaccine hasn't really been out long enough to know if it really is effective in the long run. Sure, it can build up immunity for a couple of years...but isn't there a chance you would need boosters? And what about long-term side-affects? I checked the Gardasil site and found almost no information on the vaccine's long-term impact...a little suspicious to me...

    I did end up getting the vaccine because my mom made me (and for crap's sake I'm 21 and in a monogamous relationship for 3 years!). She wants me covered in case something should "happen", like getting raped by an infected stranger.

    You are also on the far-end of the spectrum for receiving the vaccine (Gardasil site recommends ages 9-26). You would need to get the vaccine quickly...if you wait too long it might not be much help to you. You would definitely need to talk to your doctor before you get it.

    I know it's sounds like I'm totally against the vaccine...I'm just trying to advise caution before making the choice. It's a good idea to know the pros and cons of a choice before you make it.

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    Have you and your partners been tested for HPV? Probably not. When people get tested it is usually for HIV. The Human papillomavirus (HPV) causes many illnesses, including cancer in both men and women! I am sure that you are unaware of the many illnesses this virus can cause. As previously stated, people cheat and you can never be 100% sure that your past partners were telling you the truth. It is so much easier to prevent a disease then to try to cure it once you have it.

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    I don’t think they are trying to scare us as much as they are trying to just tell us that its out there. Its one of the number one studs’ that are being spread and I am not a doctor I am a 21 year old girl who got this after being with only one guy who was tested before we had sex BUT if you are not having a outbreak you will not test positive for HPV. So with that said I have slept with one guy who I was with for a year and a half and was tested and still got it. All I can tell every girl out there is that it is scary how many people have it our age and to wear a condom no matter how long and how much you love your boyfriend there is always a chance it could happen to you.

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    HPV can also be present on the skin, especially the fingers, and can be transmitted that way (and you can pick that up anywhere). Plus, I have HPV, my husband tested negative, but the doctors figure I got it due to my compromised immune status, spontaneously. So....get tested, and immunized if you're in the proper age group). It's much better than cervical cancer.

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    men are not tested for HPV nor are all women.

    HSV is another STD that is usually not tested for.

    the vaccine cannot hurt and could do good for you in the long run, but the one approved right now only protects against 2 low risk and 2 high risk strains - not all of them!

  • well because sometimes it can take years for it to come i as well have had only two partners and both were monogomus and i ended up getting it either they cheated or took a while for syptoms to show up so u should get tested because this can lead to cervical cancer and better be safe than sorry.. somtimes were to wound up thinking that the person loves us but they can cheat with my firts one i had no symtoms or nothing for a year and when I met my husband we both got around the same time so really we dont know who gave it to who and no cheating involved

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    As long as you both are tested and monogamous it isn't a worry. But people cheat - you never know. If she is pushing you to get vaccinated it is probably because she cares about you and thinks it is best.

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    Yes an STD is sexually transmitted.

    You should worry because your boyfriend may be cheating! Not saying he is but could.

    If your friend is keeps tryihg to push you to get HPV then something is wrong with her!

    Get a new friend or restate your question!


    Boo Hoo a thumbs down! Why? just kidding dont really care!

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