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Anyone from Nashville, TN?

I am moving to Nashville in a couple of months and am looking for information on where to live and things to do. I'm 25 and work in the technology field so I'm thinking the city or around there would be the best place to live. I am looking for a place with atleast 3 bed 2/bath, maybe some land, a little out of the way wouldnt be that bad depending on traffic (im from DC so it should be hard to match that..hopefully..) How is the nightlife down there? Bars? What about the girls? Are there any lakes or mountains around there? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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    I'll answer this one, too. (I thought you were a student with your last question about colleges)

    Anyway, as far as buying or renting a 3 bed/2 bath home, especially with some land, I suggest that you look outside the city or at least on the outskirts (unless yoou have a lot of $$$). I live in Hendersonville, 20 miles north of Nashville and my 3 bed/2 bath house with a full 1 bed/1 bath apt in the beautifully finished basement on 3/4 acre of hilly, wooded grass was WELL under $200K. You can look in Goodlettesville, Dickson, Springfield, Gallatin.... there are lots of smaller, nice communities surrounding Nashville where you can get a more for your money in real estate. I'm sure you could Google it and get loads of listings. The traffic can be bad (at least ffrom Hendersonville) between 7am and 9am going into Nashville and between 3pm and 6pm going back 65north. If you can go earlier or later, it's quite manageble. I leave at 6:45 and get to work near Music Row at about 7:25 and I leave at about 6pm and get home around 6:35- otherwise, it'll take an hour!!!

    As for nightlife.... there are loads of different types of bars and local hangouts. There are the honky tonks downtown which are fun and loud with bands playing for tips almost 24 hours a day! Down a couple miles are some more upscale bars and lounges around Music Row and West End/Vanderbilt area. Since I'm a "girl" and an older grandma type, at that! I can't really comment too thoroughly on the girl situation, but as far as I've seen the girls look as good as anywhere else and I suppose can be as nice or "evil" as they are anywhere else!!! I know I personally have 2 out of 3 single daughters who are perfectly wonderful! On the whole, though people are really nice and welcoming here.

    We have 2 large lakes, Old Hickory Lake and Percy Priest Lake where there is an abundance of boating and water sport activity as well as beaches for sunning and swimming and plenty of fishing. We also have tons of creeks and of course, the huge Cumberland River runs right through downtown Nashville. Nashville is built on hills and there are great hiking trails and parks for recreation. "Real" mountains are just a 2 hour drive away East- towards the Great Smoky Mountains, where there is skiing, sledding, hiking, fishing and other mountain fun.

    Hope this helps and that you enjoy living in Nashville as much as we have for the last 7 years!

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    4 years ago

    All I can do is star. But Does anybody remember the question asked a few days ago.(The pitbull X) I contacted the shelter and sent them £50 (Not a lot I know but I'm not working until my GCSEs are over.

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