After 2 weeks into the season, Nate Mclouth is on pace for 289 hits and 162 RBI. Is this kid for real?!?

The kid is on fire!! Come on Pittsburgh, "root, root, root, for our home team, a new pirates generation, everybody shout! LET'S GO BUCS!!!

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    He is for real a good player, but he of course will not continue this torrid pace.

    He will drop off, but I look for him to bat .315 or so when it is all said and done. RBI and runs will suffer just because he plays for the Pirates

  • By June 15 he'll be on pace for 168 hits, a .278 avg, 17 HR 72 RBI and 25 SB. Not bad numbers but nothing to write home about either.

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    If he and the rest of the scrubs can pick each other up, I think you have a poor man's Rockies in Pittsburgh. The problem is guys like Bay are off and Nady is so streaky.

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    He'll slow up. He should have a solid year. If you can trade him for a big player off to a slow start, I would totally do so.

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