Potty training a 2 year old boy?

My son is currently working on potty training. He's doing well for the most part, but this week he has told me that he is scared to have a bowel movement in the toilet. He has had an accident in his pants every day this week. But he has not urinated in his pants at all.

What can I do to help him get over the fear? He has done it succesfully and was not constipated, so it didn't hurt. He was so proud afterwards he was telling everyone that would listen, so I'm not sure where this came from.

He will be three the end of May.

Any suggestions?

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    Stability while going potty was very important for my children. I researched and found a safe stool with sides for the toilet so they would feel completely comfortable. http://www.amazon.com/Elite-Child-Corporation-TPS-...

    This stool made all the difference for him and was well worth it. To stop splashing I put toilet paper over the water. Hope this helps.

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    If he'll tell you, encourage him to say why he's afraid. Reinforce that you can't help if you don't know what's bothering him. It may just take time for him to relax at the toilet. It may have to do with a bowel movement taking longer than urination. Encouraging him to get the job done and over with may just be enough.

    Do others in the household spend lots of time behind the bathroom door? (Is it going to take a long time for him?) Do others behave disgruntled when they have to wait? (Are people going to be irritated with him?) These are things that may be disturbing your son, too.

    The Muse :)

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    My son is also a 2 yr old who's potty training. Since he is younger, you need to be patient. Encourage his efforts by rewarding him all the other successful potty activity going on. If he's anything like the my son, he'll enjoy the praise want more!

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