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Why are ladies in islam getting told to cover, instead of telling the men to look away?

I find this very unfair against women, especially in hot countries or in the summer, when it must be really horrible to wear. In my view, the reason behind it is more or less mysoginy and the perception of women as being seductive by nature and inferior.

Why aren't the guys told to look down if a woman (in their view) shows too much skin, so that the women can wear comfortable clothes and live her life as she pleases? It's not the woman's fault if the men are turned on. If it's boiling hot outside, and I grab a t-shirt and light skirt, the last thing I think of is the guys.


I see your point, Saarah, but to me, it seems unlikely that the vers you quoted is God's word. It speaks of slaves, but aren't we all equal in front of God, aren't we all his children? I don't think God would want any human to have slaves, and this suggests to me that the whole sura you mentioned was inserted in the scripture by male authors of that time, reflecting their own view on women.

And you're right, some women are of course not forced to wear it, but if they believe God wants them to, this can be seen as a kind of obligation. I believe he doesn't.

Update 2:

But Naush... doesn't "cover their bossoms" just mean "cover their chest"?

Update 3:

Kiba, I respect your view, but in my view, you need more self confidence, if I may say that. You put yourself down by saying you're you're husband's jewel, because that sounds like a piece of property and not like an equal human being, which you are.

You have only that book to rely on and in my view, it's not very likely that mohammed spoke in God's name. And you subordinate yourself under a rule that was written by men, taught by men and serves men. I believe you shouldn't put yourself in that position, you're worth being your husband's equal.

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    Give us a practical solution not theory.

    The reason for veil you expressed is your ignorance Quran gives us a different reason.

    33:59 O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft- Forgiving, Most Merciful.

    You need to think little more about Islam before taking its simplistic understanding.

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    first and foremost i will say that i chose to wear hijab. and i choose to wear hijab be cause i fear my lord. you have received lot of great ans. but i am going to paint u a picture so that you can see.

    i use to date a lot, i had this one guy drive around the block just to see if he could get my #. Men use to try to talk to me ,ask me for my #, offer to buy me things etc... all be cause i am a tall thin drink of cool refreshing glass of water ( he said it not me(lol). ) back in the days when i had no knowledge of Islam i use to party like a rock star. well one nite there was a bar fight and man was it ugly and it started because the guy i was dancing with kept pulling @ my skirt. (the skirt was very ,very short) but what he didn't know is that i wasn't there alone, me and a few of my male family members would often go there on the weekends (well to make a long story short they kicked the do-do out of him all because of me & my short skirt. now that i am on the deen os islam i see some of those men and because i am dressed in hijab(they don't know it is me) the say excuse me sister, not sis or shorty.

    they move out the way to let me pass and they give me respect. now true they should have done this from the start but whorespesct some one who dersses like a street walker?

    i have been married 3 years t a wonderful man and i will admit when i met him i thought that he wuold be like most men, out to see if he could have sex with me. my hubby is every thing i was looking for.we don't fight about anything,he makes sure that i have every thing that i need,and he gives me most of what i want with in reason. men treat women acording to what they see. there are many types of women you have : A working woman or jerry springer watching woman. you have an modest dress woman or the mini skirt wearin,club hoppin,take any man buying her a drink type of woman there are many kind but reailty is that men only take home one the other one is just, something to do.

    now to adreess the issue of the heat ( i still own the skirt).we oa should i say i wear short short for my hubby(in the house) but when i go in to the public i wear hijab. you may think that i look hot but what you didn't know is that i dont have on clothes(say yes to underwear).the garment that you see are made up of very thin fabrics. but because you didn't know you assume that they were hot and heavy. and i swa that some one said that we (men &women are told to lower our gaze) this is true. and my hijab is like comeing outside in my sleep ware (soft and moveable)

    now i wold like to fill you in on something did you know that not just muslim women are supposed to dress in hijab?

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    Clearly, this kind of oppressive doctrine is arbitrary and doesn't really have anything to do with its "official" intent. We are told that that women must cover themselves in order to preserve their modesty and/or protect themselves from men's lust; but, as you correctly pointed out, if that were the case, then it would be much easier just to tell the men not to look.

    The real purpose of the burka is to control women, to limit their senses, to restrict their movements, and to suppress women's sexuality. One question that Islam and the other patriarchal religions consistently fail to answer is why do patriarchal societies and the men within them fear women's sexual power so much?

    In the final analysis, one can only conclude that real freedom for all people, both men and women, can only begin with freedom FROM religion. It is an oppressive institution that no longer serves any meaningful purpose whatsoever.

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    Because god had created a feeling or instinct in the male species that is the urge to impregnate the female species as a way to obscure the continuation of human race. Yes, they can look away, just like some had done; and they become interested in their own gender and became homos. So just follow what the nature has provided us and stick to the rules that Islam has outlined them.

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    though I'm not Muslim, visit a mosque or Muslim city and you'll find that any kind of revealing dress, western style, is rejected and that the men dress somewhat like professional businessmen or conservative church goers do in the west

    both the men and women are told to look away and cover.

    though I'm not Muslim, the veil in the summer desert areas could actually protect women more than 'be horrible' - from the sun's rays, sand blowing and winter cold at night.

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    Men ARE told to look away, 'lower their gaze' is the phrase used. Don't concern youself about Muslim women getting too hot in the summer. Covering is actually better for the body in those circumstances. It prevents dehydration and sunburn. Have you not noticed how desert tribes cover their skin completely? They are not all Muslim you know, but they have learned this is the best means of protection from the sun. I prefer to wear loose flowing clothes in Summer, because its more comfortable than skinny tees etc., as well as being more religiously appropriate.

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    Islam calls from women wearing of headscarves and men to look away? both !!

    please you Request to buy the Koran book translated in the English language you will know much about Islam .thanks have a nice day & a nice weekend

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    Because Islamic or Muslim women have no right to speak out over the men of their country, they are there for one purpose and that is to give their husbands heirs and hopefully boys. Most of us western countries agree its unfair but they have chosen their faith and that's what their faith entails. Although I personally believe if the Koran was written in these times they would be told they HAVE to wear jeans and t-shirt. The Koran was written a long time ago and so was the bible yet nuns and priests have changed their clothing a lot especially nuns. You wouldn't even know who is a nun these days. Muslims are just more stubborn and hate the western world and the last thing they want to do is give in to us pressuring them to let females show their faces in public. Christian Arabs wear normal clothes and so do the muslim girls till they reach puberty. I know muslim men are told 2 keep their gaze lowered as well but have any of u tried walking thru a bunch of muslim men in Bankstown or Punchbowl Australia ? All u hear is whistles and stares and name calling its quite frighening, they would even do it in front of my ex who is muslim but I don't put up with that and got in many an argument with such guys, that they's ask my ex what the hell he was doing with an aussie s..t etc. It happened to me a lot and to my friends or they'd speak arabic and look us up and down and that is not turning their gazes away I'm afraid.

    Source(s): I was married to a Muslim once but he never asked me to change although he would of loved it if I did. Not me though no way no how............
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    its because in some religions looking at opposite sex(other than Ur spouse) with lust is considered very bad, AND THEY PUT THE ONUS ON WOMEN COZ SHE IS THE ONLY1 WHO IS ADJUSTABLE, LUST FREE AND FULL OF LOVE, and men cant control their lust, i don't belive in purdah (fully covering of women), but not showing off too much in public would be idle what my personal thinking is, but they should be given a feeling of being a living free humens as all should be!

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    Well, guys have always been told, You're Dominant! Don't Look at a Woman's body parts till You're Married! Oh the horror of a bare cheek, not to think of a bare arm! Of course the women are trained to think like this too.

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    Coz Islam born in the heart of the desert and highly effected by the budwin mentality surrounded this birth.

    You may also ask: If ladies are to cover so that men will not desire them, then doesn't that mean Islam deem women as have no desire toward men that is why they can look them up without being turned-on ??

    Islam's God is a man (Mohammad), that is why he didn't understand women feelings.

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