Can someone help me on this questions??

I''ve tried so hard to find the answers but I couldn' please help.....

1.What factors may motivate a company to report information that it knows is unreliable or falsified?

2.Explain whether or not accounting information is important to a restaurant manager/owner when deciding who to hire for an entry-level position in the meat department. Give reasons for your answers.

3.What are some accounting functions you perform everyday?

4.What kinds of transactions can be recorded in a General Journal?

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    Herebelow are the answers : -

    (1) If the company need to provide the information to bankers to raise loan or present to the potential investments to ask funds. Or vice versa, if they are already made a good profit currently, they may have motivation to lower the tax burden.

    (2) As a restaurant manager/owner, normally the level of account receivables is very low. (normally all are cash sales) , however the owner needs to have more accurate information about the account payable, cost of purchases or even overheads in order to have clear picture regarding daily operation

    (3) I am a Certified Public Accountant (執業會計師)

    (4) Debit what account, credit what account and the detailed information of each transcation.

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