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Coming from a non-materially privileged background, from the working poor, I entered college acutely aware of class. When I received notice of my acceptance at Stanford University, the first question that was raised in my household was how I would pay for it. My parents understood that I had been awarded scholarships, and allowed to take out loans, but they wanted to know where the money would come from for transportation, clothes, books. Given these concerns, I went to Stanford thinking that class was mainly about materiality. It only took me a short while to understand that class was more than just a question of money, that it shaped values, attitudes, social relations, and the biases that informed the way knowledge would be given and received. These same realizations about class in the academy are expressed again and again by academics from working-class backgrounds in the collection of essays Strangers in Paradise edited by Jake Ryan and Charles Sackrey.


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    我的家庭物質環境並非得天獨厚﹐是屬於貧窮勞力階層﹐所以我進大學時﹐帶有尖銳的階級意識。在我收到史丹福大學的錄取通知後﹐家裡的第一個問題是﹐我怎麼解決費用問題﹖我的父母知道我有獎學金﹐還可以申請助學貸款﹐卻仍然想知道﹐交通﹑服裝﹑書籍的錢從那裡來? 這類疑慮使我在剛進史丹福的時候﹐認為階級主要是牽涉到物質條件。不過我很快就明白﹐階級不僅僅是金錢問題﹔階級塑造了價值觀﹑態度﹑社會關係以及偏見﹐這種偏見會主導知識取予的方式。在杰克‧賴恩﹑查爾斯‧沙克瑞所編的《天堂陌生人》散文集中﹐勞動階級出身的學術界人士﹐一再地表達了這種對學院階級問題的領悟。

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    來自non-materially特許的背景,從工作貧寒,我進入了學院深刻地明白類。 當我接受了我的採納通知在斯坦福大學,在我的家庭提出的第一個問題是怎麼我會支付它。 我的父母瞭解我被授予了獎學金,并且准許去掉貸款,但他們想知道何處金錢將來自為運輸,衣裳,書。 給出這些關心,去斯坦福認為的我類是主要關於物質性。 這只花費我短小,當瞭解類比它塑造價值金錢的問題時是更多,那,態度、社會關係和偏心通知方式知識將給并且被接受了。 這些同樣認識關於類在學院由院再次表達從工人階級背景用雜文陌生人的彙集用Jake ・賴安和查爾斯編輯的天堂Sackrey。

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    來自non-materially 特許的背景, 從工作貧寒, 我進入了學院深刻地明白類。當我接受了我的採納通知在斯坦福大學, 提出在我的家庭的第一問題是怎麼我會支付它。我的父母瞭解, 我被授予了獎學金, 和被准許去掉貸款, 但他們想知道何處金錢會來自為運輸, 衣裳, 書。給這些關心, 我去斯坦福認為, 類是主要關於物質性。這只花費我短小當瞭解, 類比它塑造價值金錢的問題是更多, 那, 態度、社會聯繫, 和偏心, 通知方式知識會被給和被接受了。這些同樣認識關於類在學院由院再次表達從工人階級背景用雜文陌生人的彙集用天堂由Jake Ryan 和查爾斯・Sackrey 編輯。

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