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請問是否 4/15 有安排出貨22000 的 xxx? 可否告知是從哪裡出口的呢?

另外, 本週另外要出貨的40K, 請問何時會出貨? 是從哪裡出呢? 請儘快安排並回覆!

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    Please kindly advise if 22000 of xxx will be shipped from which

    port and if it will be sent on April 15 ?

    Furthermore, when will you ship 40K of this week schedule and

    from which port?

    Please kindly arrange as soon as possilbe and reply immediately with thanks.

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    Ask whether 4/15 does have the arrangement to produce goods 22000 xxx? Is the whether or not impartation exports from where? Moreover, this week other must produce goods 40K, ask when can produce goods? Is leaves from where? Please as soon as possible arrange and replies!

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