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Fully discussed at the meeting as to effectively achieve the purpose of the meeting is only a means, the real reason is that the solution to the problem. A brief discussion should be simple, process control, efficiency, as a guard at the pressure, rather than indifferent, not to spend time on the place should not be spent, the meeting will be more easily absorbed, it is necessary to avoid as far as possible the scope of the topic as much as possible in anticipation of the time cover all the Prospectus and reach a consensus. Set the time and start on time, end on time to respect other people's time, the meeting must be punctual and to be on every agenda for a general time limit, a topic can be discussed for too long, if they can not come to the conclusion may be to avoid affecting the provisional release other topics.

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    Only thorough discussion can achieve what meetings are called for. Meeting is only a means; the genuine purpose is to solve problems. Discussion in meetings should be kept brief and simple, on track, and efficient. “Be punctual” should be regarded as a pressure, but not an indifferent matter. Don’t waste time in issues worthless. By doing so, the agenda of the meeting will be highlighted and more accessible. Try to avoid out-of-control chats, have all issues fully discussed and ensure that all parties reach consensus. Set up time schedule, and stick by the schedule to start and end the meeting. Respect others’ time and keep the meeting on schedule. Establish time limit for each of agenda. Time-consuming discussion is not allowed for any single topic. If no imminent conclusion can not be expected, put aside the topic for a while lest the whole process be compromised.

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    最後一句改成:If no imminent conclusion can be expected, .....

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    開會時只要充分討論,才能夠 有效達到會議目的,

    Just fully discussing at meeting is able to effectively achieve its purpose.


    Meeting is just only a tool, and problems solution is the really reason to it. Meeting discussion should be succinct & highlighting, control agenda & its efficiency, make it on time as a pressure rather than careless, and not spend time at where should not spend, that will be easily absorbed to participants.


    As far ass possible meeting should avoid meeting topic diverging, cover all agendas & reach consensus during expecting period. Set meeting duration up, meeting kick-off & close on time, respect others’ time, be punctual to meeting open, and set rough duration limit up to each agenda. Also a meeting topic don’t be discussed for long time, and if that can’t to obtain the conclusion, that may put it aside to avoid impacting the other agendas.

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    While holding a meeting as long as well discuss, can effectively reach a meeting purpose, hold a meeting just a kind of means, the real reason is working out a problem.Discussion should simple and direct concise, control a process, efficiency, is a kind of pressure while guarding, not doesn't matter, don't spend time at the place that shouldn't spend, meeting just more easy absorbability, as far as possible avoid a beside the point topic, as far as possible cover all stand rules and reach a consensus in anticipant time.Set time, start punctually and end time that to respect other people punctually, hold a meeting must punctually, and want to each agenda settle mostly of time limit, a subject can't talked over long, can temporary put to a while avoid influencing other subjects as can'ting get conclusion.

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