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在大學就讀傳播科系時,培養我的敏捷的反應與積極的態度,在四年內所學習到的有:film editing、web design等等。專長為image design 和film editing。大學時曾擔任●●系學會●●工作,協助處理系上事務,讓我學習到謹慎細心的處事態度。除了課堂上的學習,我更學以致用,在學校的●●ㄧ週(校園刊物)實習,擔任過影片拍攝、剪輯等工作。目前則是在進修法文,這樣的學習經驗對我而言,獲益良多。

我曾做過許多不同類型的工作,服務業、網路業、設計專案、通訊業等。在●●時,任●●員,負責●●專案─教育訓練的執行、SOP製作。在●●時間雖短,卻大大地訓練我的服務熱忱及耐心,讓我更具抗壓性。 在工讀時,曾做過新聞媒體製作、協助各項專案拍攝。在●●任職時,因屬E-commerce部門,對EC產業有更進一步的了解。



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    While studying in and propagating the department in the university , train my quick response and positive attitude, learn to arrive within four years: Film editing , web design ,etc.. The speciality is image design and film editing. Have served as when in college ●● Learn ●● Work, help to deal with the affairs of tying, let me study to the careful way of handling affairs prudently . Except the study in the classroom, I study in order to practise even more, in the school ●●Practise in week (campus publication ), serve as work , such as film shooting , film editing ,etc.. Receive a training of French at present, such study experience benefit a lot as to me.

    I have done a lot of different kinds of work, service trade, network industry, designing the special project, communications industry,etc.. Here ●● Hour, office ●●Member, is responsible for ●● Special project - Execution , SOP of education and training are made. Here ●● It is short, but it is hearty and patient to train my service greatly , let me resist pressing nature even more. When probational , have done the news media and made , helps every special project to shoot . Here ●● While holding a post , because belong to E-commerce department , have a further knowledge of EC industry.

    The purpose of the work, for me, prove that exceeds and makes money , hope to find a suitable one's own job in one's own ability , and too to enter I job market is it expect, finishes every job diligently conscientiously .

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