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謝謝大家~請不要用翻譯軟體喔~因為那個我也會= = 謝謝



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    Everybody fits late, the report in listening to me thank you to come today. What I want the report is the comparison of the domestic medium-and-large-sized room car.

    It is Accord of Honda at first, so far as appearance, new Accord is by the previous sport streamline sense too, it is a main shaft to change into luxuriously and magnificently. The former factory emphasizes too, after this generation of Accord designs the factor by keeping the already existing movement, then, improve the luxurious sense as the focal point of appearance design by a wide margin , so, more three-dimensional automobile body modelling and emphasizing the powerful the whole car light group, build the main point with magnificent and luxurious automobile body. It is Camry of Toyota to come, brand-new Camry matches the appearance design style that relatively has the raised angle , there are young flavors, Camry always leads the abundant outfit of the industry, HID headlight , LED taillight , rear-view mirror side marker light , CD stereo , it is the whole car standard of department that allocate , let domestic medium-and-large-sized room outfit standard of train, attain a yet higher goal. It is abundant and grand Teana to come , design the idea and merge the style on day of Europe , creates the unique feeling. It is stretched that the locomotive is low forward, the compartment is extended backward, cooperate and climb to a high place the waist line is designed, but not oppressed the sense calmly and steadily.

    2008-04-17 09:50:28 補充:

    A piece of lines of Bang with streamline sense, have a kind of light and handy feeling even more outside holding back inside.

    2008-04-17 09:50:33 補充:

    Install inside and adopt the modern brief style, incorporate the design of room of car of the aesthetic feeling of the fashion, extremely simple to design and leave a clean and fresh and cool impression on people.

    2008-04-17 09:50:53 補充:

    Grunder of Mitsubishi, allocate the improvement which enriches degree and passenger cabin feel, at first, allocate safely , on the basis of ABS and EBD ,

    2008-04-17 09:51:00 補充:

    make a change to change to arrange and mark and is worthy of the safe gasbag of one pair of front stalls in the the whole train department of style little, in order to improve the standard of safe protection. The outfit respect of comfortableness,

    2008-04-17 09:51:07 補充:

    the cabin Hi-pro top audio-visual system of ring that had 12 loudspeakers , accused of the liquid crystal and DVD host computer of 7 inches, combine NAVI satellite navigating ,

    2008-04-17 09:51:20 補充:

    blue bud communication system at the same time and take a photograph of etc. allocating with move backward, offer the atmosphere of passenger cabin that has the scientific and technological sense even more.

    2008-04-17 09:51:30 補充:

    In addition, change the fund to channel into top leather chair NAPPA that 4mm plates chromium passenger cabin trim ,

    2008-04-17 09:51:33 補充:

    leather chair suture of the high feel and flagship car fund and carries ,etc. in the detail of the passenger cabin small, pile pile and offer small luxurious sense of passenger cabin of changing the fund especially.

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