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(最後看有沒有加個什麼比較好的結尾…..類似謝謝之類的= =)


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    Dear XXX,

    I am one of your Thursday afternoon class students. I have a special favor to ask from you.

    I just discovered from other students that that we must enter the the school's system to take some tests. So far, I missed four test altogether. I tried to log into the system, but it shows error messages. What should I do? Whom should I contact to resolve the problem?

    I was not awared of this homework because I only attended your class after the first week of school since I'm a graduated student. I'm so so sorry to have to trouble you. But please do allow me to retake the tests that I missed? It was a truly unintentional oversight.

    Your kind understanding is very much appreciated. I'm really sorry for all the inconveniences.

    Thank you.

    sincerely yours


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    Teacher you are good, I am xxx.

    I have repair you Thursday afternoon a class, because I extend the

    lifetime, therefore I certainly am not the first week take as an

    elective to yours class. Today listens to the schoolmate to have to

    access the net makes on-line to examine, only then before discovered

    has four time examines me not to do, did not know teacher can 夠 let

    me make up does? Moreover finally this will examine me to land the

    system later also only to have the wrong news to be unable to appear

    the test topic, did not know how will be supposed to manage?

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