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which wars are morally justified?

i know that morals are relevant, but that is why I ask a multitude of people. I am looking for specific wars, no matter how small or long ago they were.

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    I'll focus on wars involving the US.



    American Revolution (This was a clear and classic stand against imperialism. The purest America ever was.)

    War of 1812 (We would never have survived as a young nation without standing up for our international rights.)

    The Civil War (Again, we could never have survived without doing something about the divide between north and south.)

    WW2 (obvious)

    Korea (Look at North Korea today.)

    Vietnam (I know, I know. But when you look at what happened to Cambodia, it's clear we were justified in fighting against communist tyranny. If we had fought the war PROPERLY in 1965, by establishing a FRONT LINE of firebases along the SV/Cambodian border, we could have trained the SV army to take them over by 1968 and they probably could have held on indefinitely without us.)

    Grenada 1983 (Hostages)

    Gulf War (Kuwait was suffering.)

    Afganistan/War on Terror (Until we change our imperialist ways, it is necessary.)



    Indian Wars 1800's (We could have done more to prevent the destruction of tribes. We could have fought or negotiated with Britian for Canada, and made Canada THE reservation where they could have had the space to develope their own united native american country with it's own tribal government.)

    Mexican War (This is where the US really began to lose it's moral high ground. Shameless conquest. We could have taken over the same area eventually by migration and negotiation.)

    Spanish American War (America becomes imperialist. A sad and shameful development for a country that should have been setting the example, not joining a league of evil empires!)

    WW1 (Sheer, tragic stupidity. Those responsible for this war and the monstrous Treaty of Versailles are most certainly in hell.)

    Somalia/Bosnia/Kosovo 1990's (Their fight was none of our business.)

    Iraq (We're in the wrong country. We should have gone into Iran or Syria.)

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    Can War Be Morally Justified

  • American Revolution - Yep

    War of 1812 - No - Despite conscription of American sailors into the Royal Navy and blocking trade with France, invading Canada wasn't the answer. America didn't benefit from this war, with everything being returned to the way it was and nothing done to resolve the causes for war.

    Texan War of Independence - No - Settlers decide they like Texas, so decide to take it from Mexico

    Mexican-American War - No - Mexico really shouldn't have bothered, as the Texas annexation was voluntary

    Crimean War - No - European powers bicker over who is the "protector of the Holy Land".

    Spanish-American War - No - US decides they want to protect their interests in Cuba, rant about atrocities there, then finally find an excuse with the sinking of a ship they just assume the Spanish are responsible for

    Philippine-American War - No - US enforces their will on the Filipinos and takes their country as a colony (without calling it that)

    World War 1 - No - European powers go to war over military rivalries. American entry is justified.

    World War 2 - Yes - France and Britain were right to declare war on Germany

    Malayan Insurgency - Yes - Minority Communist insurgents try to take country by force even though the British were planning on giving Malaya independence

    Korean War - Yes - Almost complete support from the UN is obtained. However, it wasn't about Democracy - South Korea was a poor little country run by an absolute crackpot dictator

    French wars in Indochina and Algeria - No - France tries to hang onto colonies that want independence in a time when everyone else was conceding theirs

    Vietnam War - No - South Vietnam is an disunified, corrupt country with a new government coming in frequently. America makes up attacks on their Navy as an excuse to get militarily involved.

    Grenada - Yes - They should have asked the British first, though

    Panama - No - Causes remain dubious to this day, and wouldn't justify a modern war.

    Desert Storm - Yes - It was about oil then, but what the hey! Iraq shouldn't have tried to settle their war debts by invading Kuwait.

    Kosovo War - Yes

    Afghanistan - Yes - This time, it's obvious who to target. Everyone contributes alongside the American effort.

    Iraq War - No - The most frequently cited causes were of dubious nature, then are proved to be false after the invasion. Meanwhile, Coalition makes no effort to liberate the other oppressed peoples of the world.

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    Morals are an individual / societal decision...... according to the general concensus war is justified under certain criteria

    "The only way evil can triumph is for good people to do nothing"

    For me ....before our young people are placed in harms way there must be a clear threat to our nation.....

    American Wars: (my opinion)

    Revolution: justified

    War of 1812: justified

    Mexican-American War: justified (they attacked us)

    Civil War: justified

    Barbary Coast: justified

    Indian Wars: justified

    Spanish-American War: justified (??? someone blew up the USS Maine)

    World War I: not justified

    World War II: justified

    Korea: not justified

    Dominican Republic: Not justified

    Vietnam: not justified

    Nicaragua: Not justified

    El Salvador: Not justified

    Grenada: not justified (America and none of it's citizens were threatened....I was there....the medical students were never in danger until we invaded)

    Haiti: not justified

    Somalia: Not justified

    Bosnia: Not justified

    Panama: justified (they murdered an American citizen)

    First Gulf War: not justified

    War on Terror (Iraq & Afghanistan): justified

    No matter what other factors exist there must be a clear attack / threat against America or it citizens. There have been several times over the years when America SHOULD have gone to war and did not.....largely because of the wimpy foreign policy of America since Vietnam..... we would not be at war with terror today had we drawn the lines in 1979..... when Iran invaded America.....thank you Jimmy Carter

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    I hope not, no war should be morally justified... war any kind is just wrong. It's wrong to say, this war was okay because we were fighting for religious rights... or whatever... it doesn't justify murder... so yeah, let's do away with religion! That probably would solve a lot of problems... if it was actually possible.

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    Not that many...

    Persian Gulf War I was justified because Saddam Hussein invaded another country without any good reason to do so and it was over greed. I wouldn't be surprised if he would have went on to invade other parts of the Middle East had the US and other parts of the world not stood up to him.

    Our intervention in World war II was also justified due to the threat of Nazism and Japanese invasion. Both the Nazis and Japanese military were trying to take over the world.

    The American Revolution was justified due to injustices performed by England upon the United States.

    my brain is a bit tired at the moment. But I hope this helps. :)

    Source(s): Studied different wars. Took several history classes.
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    American Wars:

    Revolution: justified

    War of 1812: not justified

    Mexican-American War: not justified

    Civil War: super-justified

    Spanish-American War: not justified

    World War I: justified

    World War II: justified

    Korea: not justified

    Vietnam: not justified

    Greneda: justified

    Panama: not justified

    First Gulf War: justified

    War on Terror: justified

    Afghanistan: justified

    Iraq: justified (but not because of Al queda or WMDs)

    Of course, whether you think something is "morally justifed" depends on your particular morals.

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    tahunajcw is totally on the mark on this one.

    To be sure, justification of any war is based upon your perspective as to the morality or the actions taken.

    Semper Fi!!

    Source(s): VOTE for ME!! Put an American PIT BULL back in the White House.
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    I support what you just post tahunajcw.

    To me still, no war is justified since every war, someone died in. Homes can be rebuilt, life can be restore but human deaths cannot be replace.

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    Hey TAG.."no wars are justified" we should have let the Jews burn I guess. Wars that are necessay to preserve human rights.

    Couple American wars:


    War of 1812

    Civil War



    Desert Storm

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