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please help me?

As you read, note what each program or law did or was intended to do.. Please talk a Objectives or Results

1. Tax-cut bill of 1964

2. Civil Rights Act of 1964

3. Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

4. Elementary and Secondary Education Act

5. Medicare

6. Medicaid

7. Immigration Act of 1965

Note how the Court ruled in each case or what the decision a result:

1. Brown v. Board of Education

2. Baker v. Carr

3. Mapp v. Ohio

4. Gideon v. Wainright

5. Escobedo v. Illinois

6. Miranda v. Arizona

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    Wow. That's quite a list you have. I don't have the time to respond to all of that and then copy/paste sources for each,. But I will help you by telling you the fastest way to find the answers for yourself.

    Go to and type the first one into the search bar and click 'search'. Do that for each one on your list. It's the fastest way. Otherwise, it would take me a long time to do and you would be waiting a long time for answers.

    I hope this helps you somewhat. Best of luck to you.!

    * A tip for you - In the future, you might want to break this down and put only one or two items per question; that way people won't feel overwhelmed and will be more likely to respond. And you will get answers a few here and a few there. Hope this helps!

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    LOL! So you deffinantly have the same worksheet that I have, I was searching for the things online because I forgot my book. Is it the Guided reading The Great Society? CH 28 Section 3?

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