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Accuracy and Astrology?

i was wondering, how accurate do you think astrology is? cause i read something (like...a relationship reading) and im hoping to god its not true because i really like the one im in right now, but it says it will go south. i mean, kinda depresses me. if anyone has any cases that prove astrology wrong, please do tell.

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    Astrology is WRONG when one uses the WHOLE Natal Chart and reads from there.

    Give me Thumbs Down. I don't care.

    The strongest element to look for is your Major Sun Sign. The minor signs DO NOT reveal much about you.

    Most people would say 2 signs of the same elements can blend together well. I LMAO at their idiocy for being -smart-.

    No doubt 2 signs of the same element can blend in well but it DEPENDS on what signs they are.


    2 Aquarius can get along well BUT prolonged relationship will result in a war. Same goes with 2 Cancers.

    2 Capricorns do get along well but age matters here. 2 Sagittarius can get along well too.

    To me, I don't see Astrology as... The Future and Fate of life. Have everyone forgotten that the environment will change a person? Or influence from friends?

    Leos are known to be one of the well-beings. But there's one Leo I know who is stubborn, a liar, mixes around with bad people, stealing money, running away from home etc. and all I can say is that her behaviour contradicts her whole Natal Chart. Even her Sun Sign.

    There are times when Fate and Destiny comes in and knocks Astrology off.

    No doubt that I do like Astrology and whenever I meet someone, I will not ask their name but their date of birth. From there, I observe if she/he acts accordingly to his/her sun sign.

    Some people grow with their sign. Some people change by the power of the environment and influence.

    They say Cancer and Taurus are a good match. Well... I don't think so.

    I am a Cancer with a Scorpio Rising. Cancer and Scorpio are a good match for Taureans but why in the world do I despise Taurus?All the signs and planets in my chart do fit the category of liking a Taurus.

    Jeez, I guess I bypassed and contradicted my whole natal chart as well. :P

    All I can say is this: You can read about Astrology. Study them a bit. Relate them to things but if you're a strong willed person, things will change.

    It's a win-win situation.

    Source(s): Just pissed off with one of the post which is now closed because he seem to be a hardcore Astrology person which may eventually lead you astray.
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    Well I will say this I am a Christian and I don't base my whole outlook and who I date or whatever on astrology. While I don't believe in horoscopes, because I don't feel that a newspaper can tell you whats gonna happen tomorrow. I might be a Capricorn but so is my close friend and it doesn't mean we're gonna have the same kind of day lol...However, I do think its very interesting how I end up being attracted and have much in common with the same sign...Like I'm talking to a sag man now, and that's not a match you hear of often but it does say we are different but we get along and that's true so far. So good luck with whatever you're trying to find our :)

    Source(s): Zodiac Princess
  • I made a mistake by believing every single word astrology has to offer; (or at least I think I did). I didn't take it as a guideline as some people said on here; I rather took it as a fortuneteller. Astrology is true and it is a guideline of the way we should lead life. But if you're blocking the word "guideline" out, you have some problems. I'm a Virgo; I crushed really badly with an Aries last year. if you search the Horoscope websites, they will tell you ALWAYS that Virgos and Aries are the worst couples EVER!! I read through everything...stuff that the Arien horoscope said and Virgo horoscope...believed word for word. Then ended up backing off; THAT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE. I still like him to some degrees...but it's too late now. so, what I tell you is LOOK AT IT AS A GUIDELINE. and a guideline is just a guideline, you can alter it just the way you want. DO NOT THINK OF IT AS A FORTUNETELLER!! they're far from being that. if they said some negatives about you and your significant other, understand what they said..and try things that will keep it from happening. it's just a way of awaring yourself on what you should work on. that's all...take it easy.

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    Well, i am a believer in astrology however we have to understand that this is not a forecast, keyword is .. guideline :)

    We can use it to gain better understanding of another person, someone we work with, someone we care about, and perhaps your latest crush :P .... use astrology to find ways to get along better and maybe even know new friends!

    In your scenario, match your horoscope with your partner's, most good horoscope website will explain the potential problems that you might face in this union. Use this to your advantage, now you know what could possibility happen, you are in the power to stop it .. do not get so depressed by it.

    Hope this helps. :)

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    The stars incline, but they do not compel.

    You are not helpless or powerless to this prediction. A prediction like this should only be taken as a cautionary warning - not as a set in stone outcome.

    Think of it like a weather prediction.

    For example, let's say you're planning a backyard party for the weekend. On Tuesday before the day of the party your local meteorologist predicts a chance for rain showers during the afternoon hours of the day in question.

    Do you then take this prediction and cancel the party? Or do you heed the warning and prepare a plan to move the party and your guests indoors if need be?

    Did this prediction or astrologer offer insights and an explanation with the conclusion? Did they bring up the reasons the relationship might go sour? Did the suggestions have a trace of truth to them? If yes, then heed the warning, and use the insights to your advantage.

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    If there was only one type of astrology and only one astrologer, then you have a problem. There is not. Look hard enough and you will find one that seems to fit you like a glove. Once in a while anyway.

    Here a few links that will have you thinking.

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    Astrology is accurate, but all astrologers and all online astrology sites are not accurate. Read article in the blog below to have a deeper understanding of true astrology.

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    You are in control no matter what you read. I do believe in astrology but i use it more as a guide of things to watch out for or things I should be aware of. If you are depressed and think it will go south then it will! You need to be positive but pay attention to what you're reading too!

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    with an expert astrologer it is totally accurate

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    The best answer is, not 100%! However, it's an interesting entertaiment science!

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