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have you ever been in a serious car crash an were pinned in until the fire dept. cut you out ?

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    Yes, I have been in this situation before. My car had hit a patch of black ice on the road and it made my car go crazy. It landed into a tree. We had to be cut out of the car using what they call the Jaws Of Life. There was five of us in the car. My sister, younger brother, cousin, and my best friend. Me and my best friend had to be flown from one hospital to another one. My sister went by ambulance to the same hospital where we were flown to. My brother stayed at the first hospital we had went to the first time. He had broken his collar bone. My cousin had gone to another hospital. My best friend died the next day, and my sister had a 50/50 chance of making it. I was in the hospital for three months at one hospital (I was in a coma for about 2 1/2 months) and then had to go to a rehabilitation hospital for about a 1 1/2 months.

    It was God's grace that kept us alive. To many people take life for granted, when it can be taken so fast. My friends memories will always stay with me. It was a night that will never be forgotten.

    Source(s): God bless you!!! I am thankfull to the Fire Department and all the ones who got us from the car that night.
  • Been in a serious Car accident, but there are reasons why you never remember the event. I do remember from others that I did try to leave from the passenger seat. If I needed to be cut of I don't recall such? I do know that I was Air Lifted to the hospital and treated.

    I just know from it that I was in a induced coma for a Month and was Medically Discharged from the Air Force for such. Was on the TDL but my own Branch didn't want me back. I've been lucky so far, since similar accidents have really struck people more worse then me. I'm glad that there's been research on it that gives more information of my TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury.

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    I've been in so many vehicle crashes, I've lost was in an overturned bus where we had to have help to get out...and one was a automobile accident where the doors had to be cut to get me out...the latter was probably the most serious as an object in the trunk came through the back seat and missed going through my skull by less than a half inch...

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    no, but as a police officer, i have seen the fire department use THE JAWS OF LIFE to pry people out! I'll still never forget that smell emitting from the machine. Oh, the flashbacks!!

    I so admire fire men/women for what they do! I have seen the aftermaths of their bravery and action. Some were successful and some were beyond help.

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    does no longer it have jest been easier to no longer have you ever crash in the first position? Why is it that individuals will %. some adventure, and settle on that God ought to were there for THAT adventure? i'd wager even with your view that God changed into helping you out, you'll proceed to positioned on a seat belt. there is an previous saying "call on God, yet steer faraway from the rocks". i imagine this changed into in simple terms an twist of destiny, in which your automobile safe practices useful houses, and guidance wheel area (its on the left for a reason) kept your existence, no longer God.

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    Nope, did crash my bicycle into the back of a pickup and remember crawling out from under it with a 7 " gash on top of my head.

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    not in a car but the balcony fell down and there was no way except to stay back in the room till fire b came,statirs and got down,remember it like yesterday and respect,love fire fighters,was working in a super maket use to help them out of the way LOL

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    Thank god, never, but my sister died right in front of our house by a drunk driver in Fiji. We were really young than.

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    By the grace of God,no.

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    No, but I was in an accident where my air bag went off.

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