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Child Protective Services.. is that a branch of social work?

you're still a social worker.. right?

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    Not necessarily. Child Protective services is not a branch of social work (social work is a profession and social workers work in child protective - however, strictly speaking child protective is usually a branch of the child welfare system which is a branch of social services (different states and counties use different names). Now some counties will have job titles in child protective call social worker (other states use other titles). Just because you hold the title social worker does not actually mean you are a social worker in the professional sense. You need to hold at least a minimum degree of BSW to be a social worker.


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    They have several different functions and not all are Social Workers.

    They have investigators and case workers in my area - but not all are LCSW's or MSW's. They have several different types of positions with in the agency

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    Yes, but it's not a very friendly branch.

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    it's the Gestapo of social work. They'll take your kids away from you based on allegations & not proof.

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    yes, and most of the social workers I have met don't deserve to breathe earth's air.

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