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Will i lose weight this way?

Starting on April 20th, the day i can start working out again (I had an enlarged spleen that put me in non physical condition for 2 months) I intend on working out every week day for an hour, running track every weekday for 2 hours, along with a pretty intense gym class every other day. Do you think that by late June I'll go down 2 pant sizes? Mind you, i haven't done ANY physical activity since February, so will this mean i'll see results quicker jumping right into a bunch of things? I'm not dumb and i won't do more than i can handle; but how much do you think i'd lose by June?

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    ik how u feel i wasnt able to do anything for 6 months cuz i got in an accident but wht i did was lower ab work outs and i like to box with 10 pound weights

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