Can you PLEASE?Help me match these Stars to their movies???????Thank You..?

1) Joan Crawford/Betty Davis,2) Sylvester Stallion/Carl Weathers,3) Richard Pryor/Vanetta Mcgee,4) Cecily Tyson/James Earl Jones,5) Peter Lorre/Vincent Price,6) Robert Redford/Steve MCQueen,7) Jim Kelly/Bruce Lee,8) Jim Brown/Fred Williamson+1,,9) Dick Van Dyke/Julie Andrews,10) Yul Brenner/James Coburn.????????????


Ok IN addition,1)old black/white,murder/betrayal/nut house ending,2)victory/sports/boxing,3)comedy/scandal/union blues,4)racial violence/ wrongful blame,5)murder poetically/bird,6)sounds like you've been bitten by a bee,7)a kitten gave the fight cry(out there),8)2 long time friends plus one means trouble,9)Musical(out there),10)the original Posse......Thumbs up for correct answers/the points got to the most correct..

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    Joan Crawford/Betty Davis; Mommie Dearest

    Sylvester Stallion/Carl Weathers; Rocky

    Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling; Richard Pryor/Vanetta Mcgee;

    Heat Wave (1990 -- TV) Blair Underwood, Cecily Tyson , James Earl Jones.

    The beginning of the Raven, loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe. Peter Lorre as the raven want Vincent Price, a former magician, to turn him back into a person; The Raven

    Robert Redford, Steve McQueen ... Redford, is named after his character Sundance in BUTCH CASSIDY AND SUNDANCE KID ...

    Enter the Dragon

    Bruce, playing Lee, the top student at Hong Kong's shaolin temple, is recruited by ... With help of American Karate stars John Saxon and Jim Kelly, Bruce explodes into Kung Fu action ... · Cached page

    One Down Two To Go. Year: 1982 Genre: Action/Adventure Cast: Jim Brown, Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly, Richard Roundtree Director: Fred Williamson Producer:


    Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke; Mary Poppins

    Magnificent Seven;Yul Brenner/James Coburn

    Source(s): Patti i searched the net it took me almost an hour Peace!
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    #3 Richard Pryor never was in a movie with Vanetta McGee (Debbie Allen was in Jo Jo the one_real). it was Lonette McKee and the Movie was Which Way Is Up.

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    number 7 is enter the dragon

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    9. sound of music

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    isnt number 9 the sound of music?? thats all i know.

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    NOO!!!!!!! number 9 is marry poppins.! a duhh

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