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can teens have fatty liver?

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    Yes, this has become a huge problem for my friend. So much in fact we went to the doctor. The only way to fix this is by drinking lots of alcohol. Your liver is in need of a good work out.

    Get a couple 1.75 bottles of gin and down that **** this weekend. You'll have a skinny liver in no time.

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    Yup Teens can have a fatty liver. Fatty liver is a reversible condition where large vacuoles of triglyceride fat accumulate in liver cells via the process of steatosis. Despite having multiple causes, fatty liver disease (FLD) can be considered a single disease that occurs worldwide in those with excessive alcohol intake and those who are obese or with some medications. The treatment of fatty liver depends on what is causing it, and generally, treating the underlying cause will reverse the process of steatosis if implemented at early stage. So I wouldn't really recommed drinking to a "skinny" liver

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes indeed.

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