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Wedding favor help?

I am having a scarlet and gray wedding. Anyone have any ideas for wedding favors? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Do edible favors in scarlet and grey packaging. I say that will always go over well. They now have fortune cookies that you can put your own messages in covered in chocolate and sprinkles in your colors. I like them a lot!

    The only think I can really say is don't spend a ton of money on getting anything engraved or on small vases or picture frames or coasters. I'm noticing the more and more weddings I see or attend that at least half of the guest throw them away. I think thats sad b/c we do spend all this money on it but they'll do it anyway so we might as well make sure they actually use it again. Someone posted a question last night sometimes asking about the coolest favors ever. There were a lot of interesting ideas.

    I loved one where the bride asked each guest to send her their favorite recipe with the save the date cards and then she took them all and made each guest a cook book with tips, times, temperatures, and measurement equivalencies. I thought that was so super cool it would just take a lot of time to print all those pages off. She just designed a cover on the computer in her colors.

    Another one I love is the packets of seeds, they are super cheap and all you'd have to do is print off a custom saying to put on the back of each packet saying "may your love blossom and grow everyday" or something like that. Sticking them on is as easy as double sided tape.

    I've also seen place card and favors in one when the place cards with the names were made of plantable paper (it actually had seeds IN the PAPER!) it was really cool. At a beach themed one I got flip flops and it was something I was more than happy to use again they were so cute!

    Seed packets -->

    Plantable paper -->

    Flip Flops -->

    Edible -->

    Hope one of my suggestions helps you out a little bit!!!

    Good luck picking your favors and congratulations!

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    How about something silver like a bell or other silver trinket? Hershey's, M&Ms etc has personalized favors and you choose the colors.

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    Scarlet or Gray organza bags stuffed with candles or the almond candies

    or maybe something like this with red jelly beans/mints/etc.

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    A couple of cookies or chocolates in maroon boxes or bags with grey ribbon or a grey sticker embossed with your intitials would look lovely.

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    hmmm maybe get maroon and grey (or silver) organza bags and fill them with candy/chocolates.

    or grey boxes tied with scarlet/maroon ribbons- they can be filled with candy as well.

    or seed packets of maroon/scarlet flowers tied with a grey ribbon

    it's better to give edible favors, inatimate objects become dust collectors

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    i'm making sugar cookies in the shape of our initial and icing them our wedding colors for each place setting. you can make them ahead of time and freeze them. we are putting them in clear celophane bags and closing them with a sticker saying thanks. then we are making a donation to the american diabetes association and the transplant center where my fiance got his transplant. each place will have a card that explains that instead of tradional favors we have given a donation in their name.

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