Would you rather have a used Gibson Les Paul Studio for $875 or a new Paul Reed Smith SE Tremonti for $500?

I am selling my Gibson Les Paul for $875, but my friend is deciding whether to get my used Gibson or the cheapest PRS the company makes, new. I'm telling him that PRSs are known for their higher end models having great action and playability, but I suppose he thinks that is the case for all Paul Reed Smith guitars. Which do you think is the better choice for him? Thank you all so very much! :)

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    If it was the actual Tremonti it would be no contest. As it is, it's the difference between a pro-level guitar and an intermediate guitar. The SE isn't built as well, and will probably need some work to bring it up to playable standards - the nut, saddle, and frets will need to be checked, intonation/action adjusted, and the electronics, switches, and pots should all be looked at. It's Korean made, man, you might get lucky and you might get boned.

    The higher end PRS's are amazing - I've played the actual Mark Tremonti model, and it's soooo sweet! Gibson is no match, to me, against that guitar. Personal taste, perhaps.

    So here's the deal - the PRS SE will need new pickups to sound at its full potential (ie, Seymour Duncan JB's, for instance), may need some work on its hardware and electronics (noisy pots, frets needing sanding, etc), and in the end is just not quite as good quality, construction-wise, as a Gibson Les Paul. It may sound pretty decent, but there is a definite difference in construction quality.

    If your friend is a serious musician, he should get the Gibson, unless he absolutely just bent on the PRS and it feels better to play it, etc. If he's not a serious musician and it's more of a hobby thing for him, then the PRS is a very decent guitar and will sound pretty good and will hold up pretty well over time.

    He could also look at the Epiphone Les Pauls. They're not nearly as high of quality as the Gibson, but put some better pickups in them and they can sing pretty well.

    I'm happy with my LTDs - they sound decent, and have held up well on stage. Not as good as a Gibson, but they work for me - and they're 1/3rd the price. That's important, too. =)


  • just my opinion but I would take a Les Paul over a PRS Tremonti

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