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What is it like in El Paso Tx?? I am 21 and am thinking of moving from Sacramento, CA.?

I've heard- a lot of illegal immigrants...

What about the Jobs?






and anything else...

Thanks you for your help!!

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    I love visiting El Paso (and Juarez)...but wouldn't want to live there.

    It's a very small city & I'm a big city person.

    Weather is hot in the summer, cold in the winter, & mild in between. It's the desert between mountains. Air quality is HORRIBLE (but maybe no worse than you're use to).

    Housing is cheap but you have to do your research about the neighborhood. I've always found El Paso safe, though--the majority of crimes are theft. But immediately on the border fence can be dangerous (drug runs & gangs).

    There seems to be a lot of jobs in the nonprofit sector, education, & for the government. There is a small but vibrant arts community, too.

    My experience is the people are exceptionally nice. Most people are Latino (documented & undocumented & somewhere in between) and everyone speaks Spanish to some degree. Border and southwestern culture is very different than the rest of the U.S. This has to do with...

    El Paso shares the border with the huge city Juarez in Chihuahua. They function as one big city and are economically depended on each other. Many people work in one & live in the other, shop back & forth, & have family on both sides. Downtown Juarez is designed for Americans with shopping and nightlife. Juarez can be very dangerous if you're stupid, but perfectly safe if you use your common big city sense (i.e. don't get stupid drunk or trust people you don't know).

    Nightlife in El Paso is limited, but there are a couple good bars with local music. You can easily also park at the bridge & walk over to Juarez with friends.

    I know UTEP has some renowned programs--but don't know which ones. The campus is small but nice. Looks like most smaller state schools I've seen.

    To learn more about El Paso I highly recommend reading:

    The Late Great Mexican Border

    Puro Border

    Ringside Seat to a Revolution

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    Yuck!! I hate El Paso. I grew up in New Mexico and we went to El Paso frequently so I know the city pretty well. I think it's a pretty dirty border town that has a fairly high crime rate and problems with gangs. Here's a couple of reports on them:

    I just don't think El Paso has any character. The college there, UTEP, is a decent school.

    That's my 2 cents for whatever it's worth.

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