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How does "Perry Mason: Case of the Glass Coffin" end?

Who is the killer, what was everybody hiding in "Kate's" hometown, outcome? I saw the first half but I can't find a complete plot summary or any information about the ending online.

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    I'm going to give it a shot, but by now I don't remember anyone's name...

    Kate's father was a wealthy man in their hometown, so when Kate murdered someone in a car accident he covered it up and Kate left town. It turns out, one of the women who was on stage/assistant (the one who had a husband who turned out to actually be her father) was the daughter of the woman Kate murdered. The father and husband of the murdered mother killed Kate, the daughter had put in brown contact lenses so that the magician would think she was Kate, she stepped into the coffin, and Kate's dead body was put in the trap door before the trick took place. The assistant resumed her place after slipping out of the coffin. Perry proved this through a reenactment that was performed alongside a video showing the actual murder. He figured it out because the assistant had put a rush overnight order on the pair of brown contacts she wore on stage, as all of the assistants had different colored eyes and that was how the magician told them apart. The father took the blame for the murder of Kate, but both went to prison.

    I hope that puts you at ease! I wish I could've explained it better myself!

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