Toshiba for sale???

I have a toshiba satellite A100/105. Bought it a year ago but unfortunately i dropped it and it cost $500 to fix the screen. I just went ahead and got a new hp, but now i want to sell the toshiba, which is in great condition because everything was working properly and i just replaced the fan a month ago. ONLY the screen is broken. I am just wondering what would be a good price to resell it, I could really use the money but I dont want to rip anyone of either. thx

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    You might get a couple hundred if you part it out...ram / dvd drive / CPU / Heatsink assembly / HDD / Motherboard....failing that, maybe $100 for spares/repair on ebay....

    The windows license wold be worth a few bucks too....(although technically, you can't resell these)

    The laptop market has really dropped lately, and new laptops are dirt cheap, cmopared to what they were...unfortunately that has a knock on effect for us when we try to resell...

    Best idea is to part it out, or check out ebays wanted posts, see if anyone is looking for one for spares/repair.

    If you feel really apprehensive aboutt aking the loss, you could always claim it off your insurance, as it was accidentally damaged, after all....

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  • Dick
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    1 decade ago

    If you have a friend who is kinda into computers, etc., I'd look on the Toshiba site and find out what a new "monitor" for it would cost. You can also Google is or research it on Ebay. The part isn't going to be cheap but if you can get a friend to replace it for you then your selling price would be much better. I think you'd certainly find it much cheaper than $500 if a friend can do it for you.

    Broken laptops NEVER draw good money!!!

    Hope this helps.

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  • 3 years ago

    in accordance to Dell uk the B130 is no longer accessible. Why spend $2 hundred on upkeep once you are able to purchase an up in the present day device for an extra $198, no matter if it has the prevalent pathetic US assure. i believe the Toshiba A205-S5000 is $398 plus tax, £199.37 upload on equivalent US tax, that sounds an particularly good purchase for a excellent high quality product like Toshiba. J.D.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well u could do the calculation of the price you paid for it

    -$500, since they would need outlay that to get a new screen. or u could just sell it on ebay for parts.

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