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when will the highway robbery checks be mailed out?


Where do you think the money is coming from our social security and if your in your 40's like me do you think that we will see any money when it is time to retire? Busch is a fake facad and is steeling from our budget, which we owe many countries debt. Think about this.

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    On Monday, the Internal Revenue Service told taxpayers when to expect those rebate checks and it’s going to be based on Social Security numbers – not when you file that return.

    So the rumor mill was wrong; we’re not looking at a first-come first-served system.

    Instead, the IRS announced on Monday that tax rebate checks will be issued according to a schedule that’s based on the last two-digits of your Social Security number.

    For married couples filing a joint return, the last two digits in the first Social Security number listed on the return will be used to determine when the rebate will be sent.

    The earliest round of rebates will go out around May 2 and most of the money should be out by mid-July. More than one-third of the rebate money is expected to hit bank accounts and some mailboxes in May.

    You must, of course, file that 2007 federal income tax return to get the rebate check.

    Here’s how the checks will roll out:

    If you file your return on time and request that your federal income tax refund is directly deposited, the stimulus payments will directly go into your bank account by May 2 if the last two digits of your Social Security number are 00-20.

    If the last two digits are 21-75, the date to remember is May 9.

    If the last two digits are 76-99, you’d get that money by May 16.

    But if you do not use direct deposit to get your federal income tax refund – or you are paying taxes owed when you file that 2007 return – you’re going to get your tax rebate check later. The rollout times are more complicated, too.

    If your last two digits of your Social Security number are 00-09, you could expect that rebate check to be mailed by May 16.

    It’s by May 23 if the last two digits are 10-18.

    It’s May 30 if the digits are 19-25.

    It’s June 6 if the digits are 26-38.

    It’s June 13 if the digits are 39-51.

    It’s June 20 if the digits are 52-63.

    It’s June 27 if the digits are 64-75.

    It’s July 4 if the digits are 76-87.

    It’s by July 11 if the digits are 88 -99 and the person did not use direct deposit of a refund this year – or if you wrote a check to cover money owed for the 2007 tax year.

    You may not get your hands on the stimulus money, though, in some cases if you’ve got some financial troubles – like past-due income taxes, either state or federal, and delinquent payments on student loans and child-support.

    If you are in a formal repayment plan for a student loan or IRS tax bill, you’ll likely get the stimulus check.

    The IRS will send letters to tell you if your check has been applied directly to other back-taxes or delinquent debts.

    See for more information and an online calculator that can help you figure out how much you might get for a refund. You need a completed 2007 federal income tax return to use that calculator.

    Don't want it ? Send it back.

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    As little as I like Bush, you can't blame the Social Security mess entirely on him. He's no better then anyone else though.

    About the only person who gets a 'pass' on Social Security is the one who suggested we put that trillion dollars into a 'lockbox' or trust where it wouldn't get raided.

    Hey, at least you are in your 40's so you should get some of the money you put into Social Security back. I'm in my mid-20's - I'm not getting jack.

    As for the checks - why? That money would be better used for a million other things. People are so blind in their hatred of taxes and desire for free money that they think these checks are a good thing. It's just stupid. Then again, I'm not going to return it either.

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    Right on buddy

    Our children's future deficit checks should be in the mail shortly

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