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Non-Christians... Why Do You Think I Am Not Intelligent For Believing?

When I see a question about Christians/Bible information, it's almost guaranteed that there will be a number of people answering with statements such as...

'Christians do not have the intelligence to see the truth' ...

'They're (Christians) tricked into believing fictitious garbage'....

Those of course are tame versions of what people say.. It's usually very nasty and rude... suggesting that Christians are simply 'stupid' or not smart enough to see the truth, etc..

I am just curious why it is that these people must be downright rude and mean instead of just suggesting that they don't particularly believe it, etc. (Or, really, if you don't believe it and the question is directed to Christians, why answer with a nasty statement?)..

I get the impression sometimes that people that are not strong in their own belief (such as belief there is no God, etc).. Can try to "act" high and mighty by being rude, nasty and mean.. Is this the case?


After reading some answers, I should apologize for sounding like I was generalizing about ALL non-Christians. It's amazing how easy it is to mean to say one thing and have it come out like you're generalizing and saying a whole group is doing something wrong.. CERTAINLY not what I meant..

I appreciate a lot of the answers I have read so far.. It's always good to hear thoughts/opinions from both sides.. as well as realize that there are a lot of people out there who aren't really thinking the worst.. etc.. :)

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    I have never said or implied that Christians (or other religions) are stupid.

    I think it is a combined matter of personal preference, background, how you were raised, experience, etc.

    Christiantiy on it's surface is not a "bad" religion. I admit many of it's followers who use it to justify bad or ignorant behavior CAN look like a bad example but I am intelligent enough to know that not all Christians are hypocritical idiots.

    I do admit to not understanding and being curious in some of the thought process around certain aspects of your faith but please understand that does not translate to thinking you are of less intelligence then the average person.

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    Well, There is a Chapter in Peter about being treated badly by non-Christians. The verse is towards the end of the book Christians have chose to have their Spirit activated by Jesus Christ, they are now" Tri"-chotimous. Unbelievers are still dichotomous.Christians have body, soul, and spirit. Unbelievers have body and soul but an unactivated spirit. The unbelievers think that spiritual things are foolish. It is okay. The book of Peter speaks of suffering for Christ's sake.

    What is very interesting is I believe the people are alive now who will be the Trib. Saints. They will be GREAT believers.

    They need information. Even if they do not believe it now, they can look it up when they need it.

    Information on how to survive and thrive and yes even be happy during the Tribulation.

    I salute the unbelievers, the future Tribulation Saints

    Trust the 144,000 and Elijah and Moses.

    The beast with the fatal wound in the head is false.

    When the altar, the abomination of desolation, is raised in Israel, flee. This will happen 3 1/2 tears in Tribulation.

    Christians: use 1John1:9 at present and pray 2nd Chron7:14.

    Use your Freedom

    Save our Nation.

    Trib. Saints, the Doctrine of the Shield will be very important, as it is now.

    Duet 33:29

    Psalm 33 10-022


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    You have to look at it from the standpoint of someone who has never believed in Christianity. For example, if you are a Christian then I'm sure you don't believe that there is a God of the sea and a Goddess of love and a God of war, etc., like they did in Greek mythology. To us today, believing something based on these "fairytales" seems ridiculous. To the people that believed in them, they were just as real as your God is to you. To a lot of people in the world, the Christian bible seems just like those Greek myths. That being said, we don't have the right to attack you for your beliefs, just as you would not have the right to attack us for ours. The difference is that a big part of being a Christian is the idea that you must "spread the word" and convert the non-believers. I feel like each person has a right to information and the right to make up their own mind, but I do feel like I have to right to state my personal opinions if someone harrasses me to convert or tells me that I'm going to hell. Also, please understand that a lot of non-Christians have had bad experiences with many Christians who also have acted high and mighty and have been rude, nasty and mean. That tends to give us an unfavorable opinion of the religion and puts us automatically on the defensive. We just have to learn to treat each other with respect despite our different beliefs.

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    I wish you wouldn't use such a general statement as Non-christians. I don't know you or your level of education. Even if I did I'd never assume that you weren't intelligent for believing. I think believing has nothing to do with someone intelligence or lack of.

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    You ask a big questiion

    You as a christian say jesus died for our sins and by his death ,blood and rising we are forgiven

    But for jesus to be a sacrifice for us he would of need to have been sacrifice in a jewish temple on a jewish alter that did not happen instead jesus was kill out side of the city limits and there are meany more things I could talk to you about as well . And if you respect someone and claim to follow him why change his name and title totaly if you respect him you should use his real name and title instead of changing it

    And G-d was all ways opposed to human sacrifice

    May you find the shalom of Hashem

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    It's a people thing, not a belief thing. There are people on both sides who get nasty and arrogant. Some people have bad attitudes no matter what they believe. I don't think it has anything to do with them having a weak faith in their beliefs either. Most rude people I know are 100% behind their faith.

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    In many cases , Atheists are answering questions juch as . " Do Atheists eat their own babies " ? " Are Atheists born without brains ? "

    Would you give a nice simple NO to questions such as these ?

    Many of the questions directed to Atheists by believers show a complete lack of any intelligence .

    You mention Atheists being rude and nasty . Please read the many questions posted by church goers to Atheists , then decide who's rude and nasty .

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    Some people just believe that when they can hide behind a screen name that gives them the green light to be rude and hateful. This includes everyone even Christians.

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    I completely agree, John. And Josephine gave one of the best answers for those who don't believe as we Christians do.

    You know, as well as I do, that non-believers can't possibly understand WHY we believe. God has made Himself known to us and we have a real, personal relationship with Him that non-believers can't understand because they aren't spiritually awakened. And many choose to remain that way, too.

    But I have seen some FORMER atheists on these boards and they are truly exciting individuals. They KNOW what they have now, that they didn't have prior to knowing Christ. Those folks truly inspire me!

    Thanks for the great question and God bless you!

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    i can see you are genuinely offended.

    often enough, people just want to let off steam. christianity is the new black as you might say.

    other times, its people who are sick of, as i often label "religious propaganda pamphlet", of people just ranting about bible and how good their lord and their religion is and how other religion are stupid and how all atheists are going to hell.

    then there are self-righteous or self pitying posts like "why do you hate us? What have we ever done to you?". that really gets me and everyone else.

    overall effect of these is that we atheists will criticise every aspects of religion and its faults no matter how irrelevant it is to the question being asked

    Source(s): that black comment is from family guy by the way. peters like "gays are the new black". sorry if you got offended. both gay and african american
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