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removing spots! and bloody quick!?

well on thursday im going to thorpe park right, and there is a girl who is going who i like, and she seems to be pretty good with me atm so i quite fancy me chances, UNTIL this morning when i woke up to find 3 bloody big spots on my face. I need to get rid of these quickly otherwise im going to be ruined!



i think part of the problem is that i have long hair and during half term while im revising i cbb to wash it, so i just have crap hair laying on skin which makes me spotty. eugh

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    Dont pop them, that can cause bacteria to spread which will result in more spots.

    1. If you have red angry looking acne, don't touch it. If you squeeze now, all you'll do is force the contents deeper into the skin that will make matters worst. And all you'll end up with is redder, angrier acne than you had before. Don't do it.

    2. If you have a yellow custard top? Go for it. These beauties CAN be squeezed but there's an art to it. Here's how. Wash your hands thoroughly to avoid trouble and infection. Put a tissue over your finger. Why? Because you want the contents of the spot on the tissue, not splattered all over the mirror. Using the side of your thumb and the end of your finger, very gently start to squeeze. Don't whatever you do, use your nails as this will damage your skin. Stop when you're applying a lot of pressure and nothing is happening and you see clear fluid, rather than yellow grotty stuff and the spot begins to bleed. When you've finished dab it with antiseptic. Once the custard bit is out, the spot will heal more quickly than an unsqueezed yellow top would, providing that you now leave it well alone. Now wash your hands again.

    Source(s): When you've finished dab it with antiseptic, then apply cream, like Oxy, or Freederm, they all work good. Please remember if you are going to squeeze them be aware on how hard you are doing it because if it is done too hard, then you will end up with pigment scars which will be left over for years.. Very unsightly.
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    Well, if they have heads and are squeezable, do this.

    Wash your face in warm water with soap, then take 2 cotton buds and squeeze the gunk out. After, wash your face again in warm water with soap, then splash cold water over your face. Get some tea tree oil and dab a small amount on each spot.

    If they aren't squeezable, then all you can do is try and take the redness down.

    Don't try and squeeze them if they don't have a head as you'll just make them bigger and redder.

    To take the redness down:

    Take an ice cube a wrap it in a sheet of kitchen roll and hold it on the spot till it's melted. This will take down some of the inflammation. Also, I've never tried this, but apparently models do it, crush an aspirin with a drop of water to make a paste and apply to the spot. It should calm them down.

    Edit: Don't do what Sal 85 suggests and scrub your face with a flannel. This will really aggravate your skin and spots and will do absolutely nothing good.

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    Clubber 2 has hit the nail right on the head and it is the best technique out there for spot removal. Some spot removal can be too harsh and make spotty skin ten times worse by stripping out the natural oils your face needs encouraging it to produce more. Good luck with your night out.

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    Try this routine it helped me a lot!!!

    Morning- Wash face with only non perfume soap and water

    apply diluted tea tree oil with a cotton wool bud to the affected areas leave on to dry.

    Dont wear make up

    Night- Wash face with water and non perfume soap

    apply sudo cream onto spots leave on over night

    Once a week use a deep pour clensing face mask!!

    eat 5 pieces of fruit a day.

    Drink pleantly of water.

    Your skin will be clear in no time!

    Keep it up even when spots have gone :D

    Your skin will be glowing in no time!



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    try a system called 30,20,10. fill your sink with hot water (as hot as you can stand it) then splash it on your face 30 times. now empty the water out and put warm water in. at this point use a flannel dipped in the water and rub it quite hard over the top of the spots which will take the heads off. now splash your face 20 times with the warm water. this will help get rid of the crap inside the spots. now empty your sink and turn on your cold tap. splash your face 10 times with cold water which will close your poors. now lightly dab your face with a towel. if you repeat this sytem in the morning when you get up and at night before bed those horrible spots should be gone in next to no time!!

    good luck :)

  • you have two days to get rid of them, so don't pick too much otherwise they'll probably get infected and only get worse.

    the way you should treat them depends on what kind of pimples they are....if they're under the skin you're pretty much sh!t outta luck.

    but if they aren't too deep don't be afraid to pop them...just use Qtips bc you have bacteria on your fingers that can cause infections...and wash with hot water and antibacterial soap before and after. then, dab a little bit of acne cream on them before you go to bed

    they should be gone by thursday

    good luck!

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    First thing is to wash ur hair!!! Get some tooth paste on ur spots and leave over night!

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    put toothpaste over them before you got o sleep and they should be gone by the morning

    good luck

    o and by the way it only works for some skin

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    urgh i woke up with LOADS the other day my mum was likeee TEEENAGE SPOTS. but there really bad i was really upset :( but wooo 'cause im a girl i can wear make up + just pray they go :]

    shamee about you being a boy :) get some spot cream or just pop them =|


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