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Is time travel possible????

this guy claims that time travel into the future is possible

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    yes, I just traveled back 5 minutes ago when you asked this question and am now answering it.

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    The sonic engine thing was just a standing wave appearing to emerge before it was sent due to frequency rather than anything special - like an occiliscope wave travelling backwards.

    Google on the results from supergravity experiments. They have discovered 11 dimensions (two of them time) before the thing exploded.I believe it is possible by locally altering gravity, your area will slow or speed up, and you will temporarily dissapear. I also believe this happens naturally - as objects dissapear only to reappear in an obvious place a few minutes later.

    I suggest you read the story of John Titor for a very similar device.

    So, not possible-yet.

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    It's a well known fact that you can travel forward in time if you're goin fast enough.

    The technology just isn't good enough to meaningful time travelling yet. The best that has been done was using a sonic-engine which travelled a nano-second into the future. It said it was boring tho.

    Personally i think ghosts can move forward in time but do so scarcely because they last for eternity anyway.

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    YES in one direction: the future. To do so, you need a very fast spaceship which can travel to a substantial fraction of the speed of light. You will experience time contraction along the following formula t' = root (1 -v^2/c^2)*t where t' is the time you experience t is the time experienced by a stationary observer (e.g earth) v is your speed c the speed of light. For example if you were to travel at 10% of the speed of light, you would experience a time contraction of 99.498% Not very impressive. But at 50%, time contraction would be 86.60% at 90%, it would be 43.58% at 99%, it would be 14.10% at 99.9%, it would be 4.47% So if you could get a spaceship to reach 99.9% of the speed of light, and maintain this speed for 4.47 years, on your return to earth 100 years would have gone by. Fly for 44.7 years, and come back to earth 1000 years later. So in PRINCIPLE you CAN travel FORWARD in time. Practically there are some snags. With increasing speed , just like time contracts, your mass augments in the same proportion (e.g. if time runs 10x slower, your mass is 10x higher. So to experience the same force on your seat, you would need to scale down your acceleration since your mass increased (remember F=ma). Also it would become increasingly difficult to move at those speeds and probably your body would suffer serious trauma (for example each heartbeat would require so much more energy).

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  • Of course not. You can play any trick you want on camera. You should know that from watching action movies.

    Time travel is just a mind game. Each instant in time is unique and unreproducible. It goes against the second law of thermodynamics.

    For example, can you "unexplode" a bomb? Only on a video, but in real life you cannot reconstitute it to its original components. Every event in real life is the same.

    What might be possible is to travel in history, i.e., review the past. But, so far, nobody has figured how, although some people claim they can remember past lives.



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    no one yet knows for sure but I think, who knows, in the coming decades. there are still many mysterious in this vast universe to be uncovered. I think we might not be able to tell that within a few years from now since modern science is still in its Childhood and is yet to transform into its adolescence.

    Source(s): Filipino Engineering student
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    All moments of the forth dimension "time" exist in "eternity"the fifth dimension. Eternity is "now". We think time "goes by" this is an illusion, there is no time but "now". In our present state we lack the capacity to perceive all moments of " now" at once. We can only perceive time linearly, we count each moment, like a pearl hung on a string. What we can't see is this: the whole necklace exists.

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    In theory, I've heard that it is possible, but it's not like, making a time machine and stupid **** like that. That video is REALLLY fake lol don't dare believe that video.

    and also,

    if you're interested in time travel,

    watch Donnie Darko lol

    it's not like, completely about time travel but yea, and no it's not meant to be real but yea... I love the movie lol

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    I don't think time travel is possible.

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    According my cousin Albert Einstein it would be possible to travel in time, but don´t believe. If so, Jesus would come back not now but 2.000 years ago to renew his religion, don´t you see, if God himself can travel in time, how could us. It´s nonsense thinking abou time travelling. I said what i said.

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