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产品 设计 軽金属Ladies and gentlemen.Come here to design lightmetal

What kinds of products can be produce and made by lightmetal??

How to deaign the products that are made by lightmetal ?

Such as 3C,sell phone,cup,chair and trash can.....or other funny roducts ??

Lightmetal is more expensive than another stuff,hance maybe u have to allow for something.

I need it to be originality,feasible and marketability.

By the way,I'm a Taiwanese. I live in Taichung.

If u want to come here to travel,I am willing to lead you to know Taiwan.【What a wonderful and Freedom Country】









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    Light metal products?

    Maybe you can design a light-metal motorcycle, which is light and also foldable!

    As you know, parking is often a problem. If the motorcycle is light enough and easily foldable, the rider may simply fold it and take it home after riding. This is convenient, and helps save a lot of parking charges. Also, a light motorcycle certainly uses less oil.

    There are foldable bicycles available already. If motorcycles could also be foldable (and light too), they must be very popular. Marketing for such a good idea must be easy.

    Hope that helps!

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