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Joey and Ken subscribed broadband connection services from two different ISPs for their homes. After they used the broadband service for some time, they made the following observations.

Joey said, 'I spend most of the time on web browsing. I am happy with the connection speed during the day-time. However, the download speed decreases dramatically at night.'

Ken said, 'My connection is fine for web browsing all the time. It is part of my job to upload my artworks to my office's server during office hour every day. I have found that the upload speed is much slower than the download speed. It always takes me too long to send files back to the office.'

a) What kinds of broadband connection services have Joey and Ken subscribed? (答案係咪 ADSL and Cable Modem)?

b) Suggest 1 solution for Joey and Ken respectively. Explain your answer briefly. (6 marks) <--係6 分so越長越好!

c) Assume that the type of connection to the Internet remains unchanged, suggest one method that can speed up

(i) browsing web pages.

(ii) uploading attachment files to a mail server.

(d)(i) A computer is connected to the Internet using a 56Kbps modem. If we want to download a 28 KB image file from a web site, how long will it take theoretically?

(ii) however, it usually takes longer time to complete the download process. Give two possible reasons for the delay.

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    Joey: Cable connection

    Ken: ADSL


    Joey: Avoid downloading files at night.

    She can schedule the download during day time to avoid the peak hours with slow speed.

    Ken: Compress the files with software like WinZIP or WinRAR.

    It can reduce the overall size of the data he has to transfer, and thus decreases the bandwidth he needs.

    c) (Refer to b))

    d) 56Kbit/s = 7KByte/s

    28 KB / 7Kbyte/s

    = 4 seconds


    Network congestion may occur to lower your connection speed.

    Data received may be corrupted and need to wait for resend.

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