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這部片是描述童話故事與真實故事的電影,第一次看這類型的片,所以特別覺得新鮮,每次看迪士尼的影集,心情總覺得特別好,因為他們都有完美的結局,這部片也不例外,女主角信誓旦旦的愛情,與勇於表達的方式,讓原本不相信單純愛情的男主角也難逃她的愛情魔力,她的主題曲我也很喜歡,讓人彷彿有陷入戀愛的心情,或許現實中所謂的速食愛情,漸漸的讓人不敢真心的相信愛情,愛其實 很簡單,只要付出無怨無悔的真心。

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    This film is a film which describes the children's story and true story, see one of this type for the first time, so especially feel fresh, see the film serial of guiding the Buddhist nun of persons each time, mood always feels very good, because they all have a perfect final result, this film is no exception, the love that the leading lady swears an oath in all solemnity, with dare way that express, is it believe simple leading man of love unable to escape her love magic power too originally to let, I like her theme song very much too, Buddha have mood of falling into the love to let people walk back and forth, the so-called eating the love, the wholehearted love of believing of letting people not dare gradually rapidly in perhaps realistic, the love is actually very simple, so long as pay the sincerity of having neither enmity nor repentance.

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    The film is a movie that describes the fairy tale story and real story. I specially feel curiously because it is my firt time to watch the type of films. I am in the good mood to watch disnesy series because they have perfect ending. This film is not exceptional. The heroine vowed solemnly for her love and expressed her love directly. These ways maked that acto, originally not believe pure love,r was difficcult to run away her love charm. I also like the theme of the movie. The theme song makes me as if falls into the love mood. Maybe so-called fast food love in the reality makes people not sincerity believe love. Actually, love is very simple, only sincerely pay your heart.

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