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3. Heat transfer that occurs through the movement of a fluid, driven by temperature differences among various points within the fluid, is termed ____________.

A. radiation C. convection

B. conduction D. adhesion

13. As compared to ultramafic rocks, mafic rocks have a ____________.

A. greater proportion of silica.

B. lesser proportion of silica.

C. greater proportion of iron and magnesium atoms

20. Earth’s geothermal gradient is the rate of temperature change incurred by ____________.

A. increasing altitude in the atmosphere

B. increasing depth at ocean trenches

C. traversing from either pole towards the equator

D. traversing down within Earth’s interior

22. Ordered from top to bottom, ophiolite sequences consist of ____________.

A. clay and microfossils, basalt, and gabbro

B. organic-rich soil, diverse sedimentary rocks, and granite

C. basalt, clay and microfossils, and gabbro

D. basalt, granite, and gabbro

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    A 輻射

    B 傳導

    C 對流

    D 附著


    A 二氧化矽比例較多

    B 二氧化矽比例較少

    C 鐵鎂比例較多


    A 大氣的海拔增加

    B 海溝的深度增加

    C 橫越極地到赤道

    D 向下穿越地球內部


    A 黏土和微體化石、玄武岩、輝長岩

    B 有機土、多種沉積岩、花崗岩

    C 玄武岩、黏土和微體化石、輝長岩

    D 玄武岩、花崗岩、輝長岩

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