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我需要一篇英文演講 help me!!



題目是I want to be



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    I want to be a hero

    I want to be a hero. Why do I want to be a hero? I think I want to be a hero for

    many reasons. First, everybody admires the hero. If I am a hero, I will be admired by many people. I will walk around to be welcomed everywhere. I like to be watched and admired everywhere. Second, to be a hero will help me win many friends. Everybody welcomes the hero. If I am a hero, I will be welcomed. So, I can make friends easily. Because I am a shy person, sometimes I feel embarassed to talk with strangers. This makes it very difficult for me to make friends. If I am a hero, I won't have the same problem anymore. Finally, a hero may help many other people. If I am a hero, I will influence many rich people and ask them to donate money to the poor. I will also use my name for other good activities, such as social welfare and environmental protection. If I am a hero, I will make this world more peaceful. That is the most important reson for me to become a hero. Thank you for your attention.

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