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There is a high amount of rivalry in EM among individuals, groups, and mega-groups for jobs and contracts.

This is akin to trading patient care as a commodity, which often gives short shrift to the quality of care.

Placing EM into the Porter’s five forces model paints a bleak picture for EDs and a bleaker picture for the individual practitioner.

What can EM physicians do to improve the market position?

Specialty organizations consisting of groups of ED physicians such as the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) can exert significant bargaining power by organizing to shift the power relationship with hospitals and CMGs through collective bargaining to improve contract provisions.

Issues such as requirements for due process, eliminating restrictive covenants, and requiring open books are vital to place economic power back in the hands of individual doctors.

Physicians can form democratic groups (with equal voting rights) and create longstanding relationships with hospitals to maintain group and career longevity for emergency physicians.

In addition, emergency physicians and the public should assure quality by making sure that only EM-trained providers deliver emergency care.

Despite the current market position for emergency care, ED visits continue to rise.

Increasing demand for emergency care among patients is a significant opportunity for EDs to reconsider their role in the health care delivery system.

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    有極大量競爭在EM中在個體、小組和兆小組之中為工作和合同。這是如同到換病人護理作為商品,經常給輕視關心的質量。安置EM入搬運工的五力量塑造油漆一張荒涼的圖片為編輯和一張更加荒涼的圖片為單獨實習者。EM醫師能做什麼改進市場安置?包括小組ED醫師的專業組織例如緊急醫學(AAEM)的美國學院和美國學院緊急醫師(ACEP)可能通過轉移與醫院的力量關係和CMGs的組織施加重大討價還價的能力通過集體議價改進合同規定。問題例如正當手續的要求,消滅限制性契約和要求開放書的是重要安置經濟實力在各自的醫生的手。醫師能形成民主小組(與相等的選舉權)和創造耐久關係與醫院維護小組和事業長壽為緊急醫師。另外,緊急醫師和公眾應該通過保證那保證質量仅由EM訓練的提供者提供緊急救護。儘管當前市場位置為緊急救護, ED參觀繼續上升。對緊急救護的增長的需求在患者之中是一個重大機會為了編輯能反思他們的在醫療保健送貨系統的角色。

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    非常感激你的回答!! EM和ED是縮寫 所以我就沒有打出全名。

    雖然有些翻的很奇怪!! 不過還是很感激你!!

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