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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Three rare mutations lower blood pressure


WASHINGTON -- Up to 100 million people globally have genetic mutations that keep their blood pressure low and lower their risk of heart and kidney disease and stroke, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday.

Their findings, published in the journal Nature Genetics, could help scientists design new and better blood pressure drugs. They also shed light on how the kidneys handle salt and in turn regulate blood pressure.

"We found that these mutation carriers have a 60 percent reduction in their risk of developing hypertension," Richard Lifton, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute researcher at Yale University in Connecticut, said in a statement.

People with the mutations, in three genes, have the equivalent of their own, natural, blood-pressure-lowering medication, he added.

"We find that about two percent of the population has mutations in at least one of these three genes -- although all of the identified mutations are individually very rare."



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    2008年四月八日 星期四




    這項發表在”Nature Genetics”期刊的發現能夠幫助科學家們研發更好的新降低血壓藥物。這些發現也能夠進一步釐清腎臟如何處理鹽分從而控制血壓。

    一位在美國康乃迪克州耶魯大學Howard Hughes Medical Institute的研究人員 Richard Lifton在一項聲明中指出,“我們發現這些突變的帶原者有百分之六十的機率能夠降低逐漸發展中的高血壓風險”。



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